Yoon Hyun Min And Kim Sa Rang Share An Intimate Moment Over Drinks In “The Goddess Of Revenge”

TV Chosun’s “The Goddess of Revenge” has shared stills of Yoon Hyun Min and Kim Sa Rang sharing an intimate moment in the midst of drinks.

“The Goddess of Revenge” is a revenge drama about Kang Hae Ra (Kim Sa Rang), a woman who married into power and influence but whose reputation plummeted after an unfounded scandal, and Cha Min Joon, a lawyer with a heart of ice who wants revenge on those who ruined his family.


In order to discover the truth behind the disappearance of his older sister, Cha Yi Hyun (Park Eun Hye), Cha Min Joon teamed up with Kang Hae Ra, Kim Tae On (Yoo Sun) and Kim Sang Goo (Jung Man Sik) to plan his revenge. Although Kang Hae Ra and Cha Min Joon have formed a “revenge alliance” for the sake of those who cannot be protected by the law, but there is tension in the relationship as Cha Min Joon also intends to target her for his revenge. However, it is also hinted that Cha Min Joon no longer sees their relationship as purely “business,” after Kang Hae Ra gets hurt in the course of finding evidence.

The new stills show Cha Min Joon and Kang Hae Ra at drinks and dinner with Goo Eun Hye (Yoon Soy), Kim Hyun Sung (Jung Eui Jae), and Choi Do Yoon (Jang Yoo Sang). Goo Eun Hye gives off a feeling of loneliness as she quietly eats her food, Kim Hyun Sung has a happy-go-lucky expression on his face as he holds his drink for a toast, and Choi Do Yoon looks displeased at what he sees. Cha Min Joon and Kang Hae Ra are in a world of their own as their hands meet in a brief touch as she hands him a drink.

The production staff stated, “Kim Sa Rang and Yoon Hyun Min have a chemistry that even made the staff’s hearts flutter. Please look forward to the changing emotions in the ‘revenge alliance’ in the upcoming episode.”

“The Goddess of Revenge” airs on Saturdays and Sundays at 9 p.m. KST.

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