Shin Sung Rok And WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon Learn The Shocking Truth From Hwang Jung Min In “Kairos”

Tension continues to escalate in MBC’s “Kairos”!

“Kairos” is a “time-crossing fantasy thriller” about the interconnected fates of Kim Seo Jin (Shin Sung Rok), a man who falls into despair after his daughter is kidnapped, and Han Ae Ri (Lee Se Young), a woman who is searching for her missing mother. From Kim Seo Jin’s perspective, Han Ae Ri is living exactly one month in the past — but after the two miraculously communicate from their different times, they set out on a thrilling quest to save their missing loved ones.


In the upcoming episode, Kwak Song Ja (Hwang Jung Min) will give Kim Seo Jin new information about the suspicious man who had broken into her room.

Previously, Kim Seo Jin helped Kwak Song Ja take refuge in a studio room in order to escape Yoo Seo Il’s (Shin Goo‘s) pursuit. However, Kwak Song Ja was seriously injured after being suddenly attacked by an unidentified assailant. Furthermore, the voice recording she possessed is now in the hands of Seo Do Kyun (Ahn Bo Hyun).

The newly released stills depict Kim Seo Jin, Im Geon Wook (WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon), and Kwak Song Ja gathered together. Facing Kwak Song Ja, Kim Seo Jin is shocked beyond belief, and Im Geon Wook looks clearly furious, raising curiosity about what Kwak Song Ja has to say.

The upcoming episode will reveal that the suspicious man who had tried to kill Kwak Song Ja is a figure linked to the death of Kim Seo Jin’s father, creating a very tense development. Furthermore, the truth behind the voice recording will also be revealed.

The next episode of “Kairos” airs on December 15 at 9:20 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, catch up with the latest episode of “Kairos” on Viki below:

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