4 Strong Female Characters Who Anchor “The Goddess Of Revenge” With Their Quests For Vengeance

TV Chosun’s weekend drama “The Goddess of Revenge” centers around four powerful female characters with their own backstories, ambitions, and motives.

“The Goddess of Revenge” is a mystery drama about a woman named Kang Hae Ra (Kim Sa Rang), who married into wealth and power but hit rock bottom after an unfounded scandal ruined her reputation. To get revenge, she teams up with Cha Min Joon (Yoon Hyun Min), a lawyer with a heart of ice who wants revenge on those who ruined his family. Meanwhile, Kim Tae On (Yoo Sun) goes up against her father to become the new head of FB Group, while the tenacious detective Goo Eun Hye (Yoon Soy) takes on a case that could make or break her.

These are the four female characters who anchor the drama in their vicious cycle of revenge:

Kim Sa Rang, the titular “goddess of revenge”

After she got her own revenge via live broadcast against Lee Hoon Suk (Jung Wook), who ruined her life with a false scandal, Kang Hae Ra (Kim Sa Rang) has worked with Cha Min Joon (Yoon Hyun Min) to get revenge on behalf of those who are not protected by the law. As a result, she’s taken down people like Board Chairman Song, who used his money and power to turn sexual assault victims into perpetrators, as well as a gang that used unlawful collection methods and sold organs on the black market to suck money out of people who could not pay their debts.

In the middle of planning revenge against FB Life regarding the indemnity claims of insurance agents, Kang Hae Ra’s car flipped over in a crash with an oncoming truck. Just before she lost consciousness, she recognized President Kang (Choi Young Woo), the agent of Kim Tae On, as the driver of the truck, making viewers anticipate a whole new level of revenge against FB Group.

Yoo Sun, who combines limitless ambition and a “diamond spoon”

Although Kim Tae On (Yoo Sun) is the sole heir of FB Group, her father, Kim Sang Goo (Jung Man Sik), is loath to give up his throne. As a result, she is determined to do anything she can to get him out. 12 years ago, she noticed that Cha Yi Hyun, who worked for FB Group at the time, had caught the eye of her father. Afraid of losing her position as heir, she incited President Kang to kill Cha Yi Hyun. When she realized that her nail care attendant was in her father’s employ, she gave similarly cruel instructions to President Kang, showing that she is ruthless beyond measure.

After Kim Tae On found out that Board Chairman Song, whom she had put in place so that she could take over her father’s position, was being investigated by Kang Hae Ra for the illegal practices of his welfare foundation, she ordered the car accident to take place. Although she was born with a “diamond spoon” in her mouth, viewers remain on tenterhooks to see whether her machinations will finally win her the throne of FB Group.

Yoon Soy, a talented detective who does the groundwork of revenge

Goo Eun Hye (Yoon Soy) helped Kang Hae Ra with her revenge by launching an intensive investigation in the truth behind her “scandal” at her request. Kang Hae Ra and Goo Eun Hye then became close friends, with Goo Eun Hye even protecting her from being stabbed with a knife. She also handles revenge requests that have to do with extramarital affairs, showing that she plays a significant part behind-the-scenes in Kang Hae Ra’s revenge operation. Remembering her own father’s experiences, she relates to the struggles of the insurance agents and is a leading force behind their quest for revenge. But after Kang Hae Ra is targeted in a car crash, it is up to Goo Eun Hye alone to figure out what to do next.

Park Eun Hye, the mysterious starting point of the “revenge cycle”

After Cha Yi Hyun (Park Eun Hye) solidified her position as a broadcaster, she took care of her university junior Kang Hae Ra, who dreamed of becoming a reporter, by getting her a position on TV. But Kang Hae Ra was raped by her co-worker, Lee Hoon Suk, and got pregnant as a result, causing her to feel hatred toward Cha Yi Hyun. Out of her desire for revenge against her, she broke Cha Yi Hyun’s sponsor scandal. At the time, Cha Yi Hyun was living apart from her family because she was being threatened by Kim Tae On. Despite being kidnapped and nearly escaping drowning on a boat, she did her best to let Kim Sang Goo know that he had another child. All this happened 12 years ago, meaning that her current whereabouts, as well as her exact plans at the time, are unknown.

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