Lee Seung Gi Explains Why He Waited So Long To Release New Music And What Encouraged Him To Return

Lee Seung Gi spoke about making a return with his seventh studio album!

On December 17, Lee Seung Gi held a press conference for his latest album “The Project” which was released on December 10 along with title track “I Will.” The press conference was hosted by his friend and fellow “Master in the House” cast member Shin Sung Rok.

“The Project” marks Lee Seung Gi’s return as a singer after five years. He thanked fans for all their love and support and shared, “Since I was releasing an album for the first time in five years, I had to overcome a lot of my personal worries and concerns during preparations.”

He continued, “There are four new songs. If I had two or three bodies, I would’ve filled it all with new songs but I was restricted by my physical strength. I had a couple gem-like songs I had worked on in the past. There are also some songs that I wanted to sing but couldn’t because they were overshadowed by the title track. I narrowed it down to five songs and remastered them to release my seventh album.”

Lee Seung Gi spoke about wanting to sing since his discharge from the military in 2017. He said, “I really, really wanted to sing, but my condition wouldn’t return back to normal. That extended my preparation time. I did start but I didn’t think it was enough. It could’ve been pushed back further but I gained confidence that people loved and waited for my voice after singing ‘Forbidden Love.'” Earlier this year, Lee Seung Gi sang “Forbidden Love” on “Master in the House,” which gained a lot of attention as fans expressed their desire to see him promote as a singer again.

Lee Seung Gi continued, “Once I got to my 30s and I had been promoting for 16 to 17 years, I wanted to make music I was satisfied with. I had the desire to be a bit more serious and meticulous. Since I also act and appear on variety shows, I didn’t want being a singer to just be a token. When people look at me just as a singer, I wanted to hear ‘You’re doing well.'”

The singer made his debut in 2004 and released numerous hit songs before venturing out into acting and variety shows. He explained, “There are rarely any days where I’m not working. These days when I rest, I give myself a pat on the back. Since I used my body, I must reward it. Whether I rest, eat, or just care for it, I have to do something.”

Lee Seung Gi continued, “I used to think it was a reward that I didn’t get exhausted. However, these days, it’s hard to focus on anything. Your energy has a limit. I pat myself on the back to thank my body for enduring all this so well.”

Lastly, he commented, “I’ll work hard. If I’m to do everything I want to do, it’s important to take care of myself. I won’t let go as a singer and I’ll move you with good music and a good voice.”

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