Lee So Yeon And Choi Yeo Jin Confirmed To Star In New KBS Revenge Drama

Lee So Yeon and Choi Yeo Jin will be starring together in a brand new KBS drama!

Both actresses have been confirmed to appear in the upcoming KBS 2TV weekday drama “Miss Monte-Cristo,” which is scheduled to premiere in early February 2021.

In keeping with its title, which references the classic French novel “The Count of Monte Cristo,” “Miss Monte-Cristo” will be a suspenseful revenge drama about a woman whose life was destroyed by the friends she trusted most. After making up her mind to take revenge on those who betrayed her, she returns to reclaim the life that was stolen from her.

In her first drama role in over a year and a half, Lee So Yeon will be starring as tragic leading lady Gong Eun Jo, an up-and-coming fashion designer who aspires to make “joyful” clothing like her late father. Just as she begins to find success in both her work and her love life, she winds up losing everything in the blink of an eye when her friends betray her.

Meanwhile, Choi Yeo Jin will be making her long-awaited return to the small screen in the role of Oh Ha Ra, a wealthy chaebol heiress and socialite who ends up becoming Gong Eun Jo’s rival. In spite of her arrogance, Oh Ha Ra suffers from an inferiority complex due to being the daughter of a chaebol‘s mistress, and she is known for being a troublemaker within her social sphere.

Although the kindhearted Gong Eun Jo is the only friend Oh Ha Ra trusts enough to open up to about her true feelings, their friendship ultimately falls apart when they become entangled in a love triangle with the same man.

“Miss Monte-Cristo” will begin airing in February 2021, following the conclusion of KBS 2TV’s “A Man in a Veil.”

In the meantime, check out “A Man in a Veil” with English subtitles below!

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