Kim Jung Hyun Becomes Suspicious Of Shin Hye Sun’s Behavior In “Mr. Queen”

tvN’s weekend drama “Mr. Queen” revealed new stills of Kim Jung Hyun and Shin Hye Sun ahead of tonight’s episode!

“Mr. Queen” is a historical fantasy-comedy drama about a man from modern times whose soul gets trapped in the body of a queen from the Joseon dynasty. Shin Hye Sun stars as Kim So Yong, the Joseon queen with the soul of Blue House chef Jang Bong Hwan trapped inside her. Kim Jung Hyun plays her husband King Cheoljong, who is a weak and ineffective king on the outside but is stronger and sharper than he appears.


In the previous episode, King Cheoljong started to show interest in Kim So Yong’s peculiar behavior, while Kim So Young found out that there are people within the palace walls who could pose a threat to her. Knowing that she could soon find herself in danger, Kim So Yong utilized her skills as a Blue House chef to get into the good graces of Queen Sunwon (Bae Jong Ok). Kim So Yong remains on her toes around King Cheoljong, who began to keep an eye on her, but she also caught on to the fact that he was the one who previously pointed a knife at her. Viewers are curious to find out how the story between the two individuals who are both harboring secrets will turn out.

In the first still, Kim So Yong reclines peacefully into her chair, having adjusted perfectly to her life in the unfamiliar palace. Kim So Yong received permission to fill the lake with water after winning over Queen Sunwon with her cooking, and she wears a smug smile on her face as she basks in her success.

In stark contrast to Kim So Yong’s relaxed appearance, the next set of stills shows King Cheoljong approaching her with a hardened expression. Kim So Yong stares back at him with her features twisted in discomfort, leading viewers to wonder what conversation will transpire between them. Kim So Yong then discovers something unexpected near the lake, and she holds onto it with her mouth open in surprise.

The new episode will see a sudden change in King Cheoljong and Kim So Yong’s relationship, in addition to delving deeper into the mystery surrounding the reason why the real Kim So Yong fell into the lake.

The drama’s production team commented, “Kim So Yong and King Cheoljong will undergo changes after looking deeper into each other’s motives, and the reason why the real Kim So Yong fell into the lake will be revealed. With the palace abuzz as everyone debates the truth behind the incident, the actions Kim So Yong will take after learning the truth will bring about an unexpected twist.”

The next episode of “Mr. Queen” airs on December 20 at 9 p.m. KST.

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