NU'EST's Minhyun, Noh Jong Hyun, And VICTON's Byungchan Show Different Ways Of Expressing Love In

NU’EST’s Minhyun, Noh Jong Hyun, and VICTON’s Byungchan are making JTBC’s “Live On” an enjoyable watch with their characters who have different styles of love.

“Live On” is a JTBC romance drama starring Minhyun as Go Eun Taek, a perfectionist who is the head of his high school’s broadcasting club, and Jung Da Bin as Baek Ho Rang, a school celebrity and social media influencer who joins the club with ulterior motives. Noh Jong Hyun takes on the role of Do Woo Jae, the head of the student guidance department, while Byungchan plays the energetic Kim Yoo Shin.

Read on to see how Go Eun Taek, Do Woo Jae, and Kim Yoo Shin have been expressing and experiencing love in contrasting ways!


Go Eun Taek

In the beginning, Go Eun Taek clashed with Baek Ho Rang (Jung Da Bin) in every way, and it seemed like they would never get along. However, after learning about her true personality that had been hidden behind everyone’s preconceptions and misunderstandings about her, he gradually began to grow closer to her.

Go Eun Taek candidly admitted to his feelings for Baek Ho Rang and even confessed to her. When Baek Ho Rang was attacked by an an anonymous assailant and fell into a state of panic, he stood by her side and held his hand out to her. Moreover, as people began to gossip about Baek Ho Rang, he made sure to constantly stay in touch with her and make her feel better in case she was having bad thoughts. Go Eun Taek’s sincere ways of comforting Baek Ho Rang have been both heartwarming and swoon-worthy.

Do Woo Jae

Do Woo Jae has always been so hard to read that even his girlfriend Kang Jae Yi (Yeonwoo) told him, “I have no idea what you’re thinking.” Although he might seem undecipherable on the outside, his feelings for his girlfriend are genuine.

One scene that showed how considerate Do Woo Jae is of Kang Jae Yi was their date near the Han River. Even though he had just eaten with his friends, he ate the box lunch Kang Jae Yi had packed for him so that she wouldn’t be disappointed. After they broke up, Do Woo Jae found himself buying Kang Jae Yi’s favorite chocolate milk out of habit, indicating how he had always been looking out for her.

Kim Yoo Shin

Lastly, Kim Yoo Shin’s pure, one-sided love for Ji So Hyun (Yang Hye Ji) makes viewers smile. He makes no attempt at hiding his emotions and follows Ji So Hyun around like a cute dog.

In the past, he had never set foot in the library, but he now makes sure to go to the library everyday because Ji So Hyun is there. The sweet treats he brings solely for Ji So Hyun are just as sweet as his expressions of love.

In this way, Go Eun Taek, Do Woo Jae, and Kim Yoo Shin are each pursuing love in their own ways in “Live On.” How each of their romance stories end is something to look forward to finding out in the drama’s upcoming episodes.

“Live On” airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. KST.

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