Girl Group Member Showcases Her Clear And Delicate Vocals On “The King Of Mask Singer”

On the December 20 episode of MBC’s “The King of Mask Singer,” Stove Cat continued his quest for his seventh consecutive win.


The first match of Round 2 was between Jingle Bell and Manhole. Jingle Bell impressed the panelists with her clear and pure voice in her cover of BoA’s “Atlantic Princess,” while Manhole captivated them with his unique vocal tone in his performance of Zion.T’s “Two Melodies.”

Shin Bong Sun praised Jingle Bell’s voice and said, “Her voice makes you feel happy.” Ivy said, “I thought that Jingle Bell might have grown up in America, but now I wonder if it was Japan. She has a voice that sounds like it would fit in an animation.” As part of the “talent show” segment, Jingle Bell had prepared a dance medley of Ivy’s hits.

Kim Gura said that he knew who Jingle Bell was and said, “It’s someone who I’ve seen since she was young. I know why people suspect that she was born abroad.”

Manhole won the match-up with 16 votes to 5, and Jingle Bell took off her mask to reveal herself as MOMOLAND’s Nancy.

Nancy said, “I was on a variety show with Kim Gura’s son, Gree, in sixth grade. I’ve even been to his house. I’ve been to his house when Kim Gura was there. He was wearing pajamas at home. We recently filmed something together as well. I’m grateful that he remembered my name and has taken care of me since I was young.”

Nancy also appeared in MC Gree’s music video for “Dangerous” in 2016.

About her appearance on “The King of Mask Singer,” she said, “I was really nervous. It’s an honor to be the fourth member of MOMOLAND to appear on the show. After being part of a team in MOMOLAND, I had a phobia of standing onstage alone. I wanted to get over that phobia before this year ended.”

MOMOLAND made a comeback last month with the song “Ready Or Not.”

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