3 Intriguing Figures Who Seem To Hold The Key To The Central Mystery In

What really happened at the White Night Village 28 years ago?

That’s the key question that needs answering on tvN’s exciting mystery drama “Awaken”—and with each new episode, the drama seems to be racing closer and closer towards the horrific truth.


As the veil of secrecy surrounding the White Night Village slowly begins to lift, here are three mysterious characters to keep an eye on in future episodes:

1. Moon Jae Woong

From his very first appearance in the drama, Moon Jae Woong (played by Yoon Sun Woo) intrigued viewers with his dark and mysterious aura. The wary, visibly anxious character lives in isolation from the rest of society and suffers abuse at the hands of Jang Yong Sik, the CEO of portal site MODU (played by Jang Hyuk Jin).

Viewers have begun to speculate that Moon Jae Woong may be one of the children from the White Night Village who were forced to undergo inhumane experiments. The character seems to have some of the defining traits shared by the children from the village: he has previously displayed superhuman strength without realizing it, and he also revealed his extraordinary brainpower when he figured out what hospital Jamie (Lee Chung Ah) had been taken to using only her body measurements and the time and location she was found.

It remains to be seen whether Moon Jae Woong is truly from the White Night Village—and what role he will play in the story to come.

2. Gong Il Do

Gong Il Do (played by Kim Chang Wan), the father of Gong Hye Won (AOA‘s Seolhyun), has emerged one of the most suspicious characters in the story. In the latest episode of the drama, it came to light that he was no ordinary researcher, but actually the mastermind running a secret research lab together with the White Night Foundation. It was also revealed that he is still carrying out the human experiments that were performed at the White Night Village in the past.

After showing his true colors, Gong Il Do piqued viewers’ curiosity by mysteriously declaring, “In order to achieve what the foundation has wanted for a long time, we need to capture Do Jung Woo [Namgoong Min] no matter what.”

3. Oh Jung Hwan

Previously on “Awaken,” it became clear that Son Min Ho, the director of the White Night Village (played by Choi Jin Ho), was merely a pawn in a much larger scheme. It also turned out that Oh Jung Hwan (played by Kim Tae Woo) is one of the true key figures behind the powerful White Night Foundation.

As the President’s Chief of Staff, the highly influential Oh Jung Hwan is able to control the police, the prosecutor’s office, and the media at once. Son Min Ho also previously revealed that Oh Jung Hwan is the only person who knows the identity of the White Night Foundation’s owner.

The producers of “Awaken” teased, “The twists that have unfolded up until now are merely the beginning. As the story progresses, the ugly truth of the White Night Village and White Night Foundation, as well as the entangled relationships between the characters, will begin to unfold. The plot will become even more shocking as the drama picks up the pace. Please look forward to it.”

The next episode of “Awaken” will air on December 21 at 9 p.m. KST. 

In the meantime, catch up on the drama with English subtitles below!

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