Heo Young Ji Talks About Her Career Thus Far, Her Affection For KARA Members, And More

Heo Young Ji spoke about her career, her years with the girl group KARA, and more!

In a recent interview with bnt International, Heo Young Ji reflected on her busy career. Back in 2015, the entertainer had shared that she felt as if she were breaking her limits by taking on various jobs such as acting, hosting, radio broadcasts, and more. In her latest interview, Heo Young Ji commented, “You still have to watch me for 80 more years. I’m going to go for the long run.”

Heo Young Ji also touched upon her role as a fixed MC on tvN’s “Comedy Big League,” praising comedians for being entertainers who can take on any challenges. She revealed that many young children these days ask her if she is a comedian. Heo Young Ji shared, “Before, I would be flustered and say that is absolutely not the case, but these days I accept it while laughing.”

On her past promotions with KARA, Heo Young Ji shared that she repeatedly told herself, “You’re promoting with the members, but that absolutely doesn’t mean you’re in the same position as them.” She shared that she did her absolute best while practicing choreography with the others because she didn’t want to cause them any inconvenience, to the point that she hadn’t made mistakes.

Heo Young Ji elaborated, “As soon as I was added to KARA, we had to go on tour, so I memorized the dances for over 30 songs in a short period of time. It wasn’t easy, but I was able to have fun while doing it because it was a life with the members that I had constantly dreamed of since I was a trainee.”

She also explained, “I still can’t watch ‘KARA Project.’ It was the time I was the most beautiful, but I remember how difficult it was and end up crying.” Heo Young Ji added that she sometimes dances to KARA’s songs alone at home, sharing that “Mamma Mia” is her favorite choreography. She elaborated, “Even when I see it now, it’s beautiful to the point it’s touching.”

The artist also shared that she recently visited Han Seung Yeon‘s house. She revealed, “I went to her house to hang out, and we had take-out. We only talked, but seven hours flew by.”

Furthermore, Heo Young Ji revealed that her MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) is ISFP. She shared, “I’m the type to have a hard time when I can’t do what I want on a regular basis.”

Heo Young Ji also touched upon her ideal type. She revealed, “In my early 20s, I liked the typical handsome man who is lean and has big eyes. These days, I’m rather drawn to the reliable type. Whether he has some weight or a plain face, the atmosphere the person gives off is what’s important to me.”

Asked when she most misses her time with KARA, Heo Young Ji replied, “Honestly speaking, I miss it every moment.” She shared, “Once a day, I visit the members’ social media pages still. I also frequently visit Goo Hara‘s account out of habit.”

She also commented that she thinks, “It would be nice if we could all gather together again.” When asked about visiting the late Goo Hara’s social media page, Heo Young Ji said, “Seeing her as she was then is also one way of remembering her.”

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