Yoo Yeon Seok Talks About His Hobbies, His New Movie “New Year Blues,” And More

Harper’s Bazaar has released their latest photo shoot with Yoo Yeon Seok!

In the photos, Yoo Yeon Seok rocks stylish outfits as he gazes at the camera with his mesmerizing eyes.

In the accompanying interview, the actor shared he’s the happiest when he acting. He said, “These past few weeks have been my first break in two years. If I did acting just for money, I would’ve become exhausted soon, but I’ve dreamt of being an actor since I was young, so I still enjoy acting.”

Yoo Yeon Seok also talked about his hobbies. He commented, “If you ask me what relaxation is, I will answer that it is my hobby. I’m into camping these days. I like camping more than staying at a hotel. Some people might wonder why I would choose to do things the hard way instead of staying in the comfort of my home or going to a good restaurant, but I find it healing to set up a tent with my friends, eat and drink with them, and sleep in a tent despite the discomfort. Some people ask me when will I ever take a break. I find that odd.” Then laughing, he added, “I’m resting very well.”

Yoo Yeon Seok mentioned his upcoming movie “New Year Blues” that tells the story of four couples who must each overcome different fears and problems as they face the beginning of a new year. His co-stars are Kim Kang WooYoo In NaLee Yeon HeeLee Dong Hwi, Chen Du Ling, Yeom Hye Ran, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, and Yoo Tae Oh.

The actor said, “Most of my scenes were filmed in Argentina. A year ago, filming overseas wasn’t that difficult, but now it’s hard to imagine going abroad. I realized how precious that time was. The scene of Iguazu Falls is especially memorable. This is the first time that a Korean film contains Argentina’s Iguazu Falls. I hope you will look forward to that scene.”

Watch the trailer for “New Year Blues” here!

In the meantime, watch Yoo Yeon Seok in the film “Steel Rain 2” below:

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