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Song Kang recently sat down for a video call interview with Sports Chosun following the success of his new Netflix series “Sweet Home.”

Song Kang has been given the nickname the “son of Netflix” after the success of his series “Love Alarm” and “Sweet Home” on the streaming platform. In the interview, Song Kang talked about his experience being cast in “Sweet Home.”

He said, “I didn’t hear about the 30 billion won (about $27 million) budget when I was cast. After I heard about it, I suddenly felt a lot of pressure. I thought a lot about how I could better lead the show as Hyun Soo. I needed to show both the good and evil Hyun Soo, so I had a lot of thoughts about the character in general. How could I show his evil side more effectively? How could I show his lonely side more effectively? In the end, I hit on the simple method of focusing on my most introverted side when playing Hyun Soo, and drawing out my innermost malicious thoughts when playing the evil Hyun Soo.”

“Sweet Home” ranked within the Top 10 in the United States on Netflix, a first for a Korean drama. Song Kang said, “I still can’t believe it. I’m happy that a drama I filmed has received so much love and ranked so high, but it doesn’t feel like it’s real. As of now, I have only positive feelings about it.”

About acting in front of a green screen, as the show relies heavily on CGI effects, he said, “I’ve seen actors do it a lot in videos, so it was fun to be able to try it myself. I had to focus a lot since I was acting all alone in front of the green screen. If I had a scene like that, I’d start preparing for it a week in advance.”

Asked what he would do if he was in a “Sweet Home” situation in real life, he responded, “If a giant monster appeared in front of me, I think I would run away. But if there were children around at the time, then I think I would fight to protect the kids.”

He praised his co-star, Lee Do Hyun, who is of a similar age to him. (Lee Do Hyun was born in 1995; Song Kang in 1994.) “Not only are we peers, but as actors, we had a good connection,” Song Kang said. “In this project, we have the kind of relationship where one person is being used and the other person is using them, but I would like to be in a project with him where we combine our strength and work together. It would be nice if we could play really close friends. Something like Hye Young and Sun Oh in ‘Love Alarm.'”

He added, “On set, we complimented each other a lot and it was a great atmosphere. Instead of trying to stand out, I focused on my character. I wanted to focus on Hyun Soo’s sense of justice and his desire to save the people he was living with.”

Song Kang had previously picked Leonardo DiCaprio as his role model, but in this interview, he shared that he had recently been impressed by Tom Hardy. He said, “I saw ‘Legend’ by Tom Hardy and at first, I thought, ‘Oh, he’s playing twins,’ but in the second half, I really felt that they were two completely different people. I saw that and was really impressed and thought about how he had achieved such a thing as an actor. I think that’s why he became my new role model.”

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