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Lee Se Young gave an interview with Newsen following the conclusion of her MBC drama “Kairos.”

“Kairos” is a “time-crossed” mystery thriller about a man whose daughter was kidnapped (Shin Sung Rok) and a woman whose mother has disappeared (Lee Se Young) who connect through a phone call despite living one month apart to help solve each other’s cases.

Lee Se Young said, “I think that the reason that our drama received such good feedback was because of the strong storyline. I would have been happy if the ratings were high, but I have no regrets. When I chose this project, I wasn’t focused on the idea of a ‘success streak.’ Rather than feeling regrets, I am even more grateful to the people who were passionate about our drama.”

She added, “The feedback that had the most impact on me was, ‘This is crazy.’ As the drama went on, I also liked comments like, ‘Why is it ending already?’ I also think it’s fun when viewers add cute nicknames to villains. As Shin Goo’s character became more villainous, viewers started to call him ‘Kill Goo,’ and it made me feel like they were deeply immersed in the story. Oh! And our drama has a rather heavy atmosphere, so a lot of viewers also showed interest in our behind-the-scenes videos, which showed a different vibe.”

“Kairos” was Lee Se Young’s second time working with Shin Sung Rok. “It’s been six years since we last worked together on ‘Trot Lovers,'” she said. “He was a great and cool actor at that time, but when we reunited, he had taken off even more as an actor, so it felt different. I was happy that the two of us could meet again on such a good project after going through our individual growth. I do regret that we didn’t actually film together that much. I asked him, ‘Would you work with Lee Se Young as your partner on another project?’ And he said he would. And I would as well.”

She added, “I didn’t have a lot of scenes with Ahn Bo Hyun and Nam Gyu Ri either, but they came to support me often on set. We did each script reading with the full cast except for the final episode, so we would catch up on everything that happened when we saw each other. We worked together for seven months, so even if we didn’t have a lot of scenes together, we came to feel like family. Nam Gyu Ri in particular is a very lovable person. We texted each other a lot, and since we couldn’t meet, I would fold little notes for her and leave them in her dressing room.”

She went on, “I also think Kang Seung Yoon is a really good actor. He was the one I acted the most with on set. Along with Lee Joo Myung, the three of us ate together, took photos together, and kept in contact with each other to build our chemistry. I think that’s how we appeared as ‘real friends’ onscreen as well. I got a lot of energy from those two.”

About cutting her hair short for her role, Lee Se Young said, “I thought that a short cut fit Han Ae Ri [her character] the best. Rather than thinking about ‘Lee Se Young the actress,’ I thought about what style would suit Ae Ri best. Ae Ri is fighting to survive while studying for the civil service exam. She doesn’t have time even to dry her hair. That’s why I thought that if I was Ae Ri, I would cut my hair short. Instead of trying to change my image, I just wanted to show what Ae Ri was like inside.”

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