Watch: Lee Jun Young And Song Ha Yoon Are Awkward And Adorable In Behind-The-Scenes Video For Drama Kiss Scene

MBC every1’s drama “Please Don’t Date Him” has released the behind-the-scenes video of Lee Jun Young and Song Ha Yoon’s first kiss!

The behind-the-scenes clip begins with Song Ha Yoon and Park Han Sol beating up Park Han Sol’s ex-boyfriend in a back alley. Although the fight is pretty fierce while the cameras are rolling, as soon as the director shouts, ‘Cut!’, the actors dissolve into laughter. Lee Jun Young, who is watching from the sidelines, comments, “I had no idea they would be this into it.”

As Song Ha Yoon and Lee Jun Young prepare for their kiss scene, Lee Jun Young says, “I didn’t eat anything with garlic in it for two days.” Song Ha Yoon, who is touching up her hair, appears touched by the gesture. Warming up in front of the space heater, Song Ha Yoon tells Lee Jun Young that he should keep his neck warm, advising him to wear a scarf and putting a heat pack on the back of his neck.

The two actors are careful about rehearsing each gesture to perfection, including the angle of their heads for the kiss. Song Ha Yoon acts a little playful during rehearsals, but Lee Jun Young stays in character with a more serious expression. Both actors get straight into character when cameras start rolling, but as soon as the scene ends, Lee Jun Young stoops to pick up her bag and says in embarrassment, “The bus is so late.”

The couple then continues to film the scene again and again from different angles.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below!

Watch “Please Don’t Date Him” here:

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