Lee Hyori Says Goodbye To Her Dog Soonshim

Lee Hyori has bid farewell to her pet dog Soonshim after 10 years.

On December 24, the news was revealed by the Ansung Animal Care Center, which took care of Soonshim before Lee Hyori adopted her in 2010. The message sent by Lee Hyori to the care center’s director was posted on Instagram.

Her message reads as follows:

Director, our Soonshim passed away yesterday
She went comfortably in my arms …
Thank you so much for bringing Soonshim and allowing her to meet me..
The volunteer who brought Soonshim from the Donghae Animal Care Center and the volunteer who became her godmother in Ansung.. I sincerely thank you all
Soonshim also sends gratitude and love to all of you..
I know that all of the work you do now is very difficult, but as a result, someone immature like me who only knew myself has grown to love, so don’t forget that the work you do is honorable and beautiful more than anything
We are all in this together

Sending our condolences to Lee Hyori and her family.

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