Oh My Girl’s Seunghee And T-ara’s Hyomin Share Cute Exchange After Hyomin Thanks ITZY And Oh My Girl For T-ara Covers

Oh My Girl’s Seunghee and T-ara’s Hyomin delighted fans with an adorable interaction on Instagram!

On December 25, both ITZY and Oh My Girl covered iconic hits by T-ara at the 2020 SBS Gayo Daejeon in Daegu. ITZY performed T-ara’s “Roly Poly,” while Oh My Girl’s Hyojung, Seunghee, Binnie, and Arin took the stage for a cover of T-ara’s “Sexy Love.”

That evening, Hyomin showed love for both junior groups on Instagram. Posting clips of herself watching their performances on TV, Hyomin wrote, “During a holiday season in which I didn’t have anything special going on, the best Christmas present ever. As always, Santa Claus never lets me down. I love you, Santa and SBS Gayo Daejeon. MMTG.”

Hyomin also playfully pointed out the fact that Seunghee burst into laughter at the very end of their performance. After adding bunch of heart emojis, Hyomin wrote in the tags, “ITZY,” “Oh My Girl,” “so pretty,” “but why is Seunghee laughing,” “hehehehehe.”

Shortly afterwards, Seunghee answered her question by leaving an adorable comment on the post. Seunghee wrote, “Sunbae [a respectful term of address for a senior colleague]… truly… really, truly… thank you, and I love you… truly… I went on stage thinking, let’s not smile no matter what. Let’s be serious about not showing any emotion. Let’s act like dolls. Since that’s what we’d heard that T-ara did as well [during your original performances]. But somewhere around the second half of the performance, I started thinking… do we seem like humans? That thought popped into my head, and then I started thinking, of course I’m human…? So after I had that thought, I burst out laughing right away… sigh, it’s all because of my inadequate focus… sigh… I’m sorry… I have a long way to go.”

Hyomin then responded to her comment by affectionately writing, “You did a good job. It was a good thing that you laughed. It made me look back and wonder if I, who never got a chance to laugh [while performing ‘Sexy Love’], am actually human… I hope I become a more human sunbae. Hoobae [junior], I love you…”

Seunghee giddily replied, “Sunbae, why are you so sweet…!?!?!!! Wow… I… I think I just cashed in all my luck for this year and next year… thank you… sunbae, please wrap up the year 2020 safely, and in 2021, a huge cow will bring you good fortune.”

Check out the clips of Oh My Girl’s and ITZY’s covers of T-ara below! (Seunghee is filmed laughing at 1:38 in the first video.)

Watch the full 2020 SBS Gayo Daejeon in Daegu here:

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