Ahn Bo Hyun Talks About Friendship With Park Seo Joon, Being Impressed By Nam Gyu Ri's Real-Life Charms, And More

In a recent interview, Ahn Bo Hyun talked about his co-stars from JTBC’s “Itaewon Class” and MBC’s “Kairos”!

2020 was a busy year for the rising star: after seeing his popularity skyrocket due to his breakout role in the hit drama “Itaewon Class,” Ahn Bo Hyun impressed viewers with his acting once again in the sci-fi thriller “Kairos,” which aired its final episode this week.

When asked about his chemistry with his “Kairos” co-stars, Ahn Bo Hyun spoke highly of his fellow cast members. “Shin Sung Rok has truly remarkable focus [while acting],” he recalled. “He would always naturally take the lead in creating an atmosphere that made it easy to focus, even starting from rehearsal. I really learned so much while acting together with him.”

He added with a laugh, “It was also my first time acting with an actor who was taller than me, which might be why I was able to feel relaxed and enjoy filming.”

As for Lee Se Young, Ahn Bo Hyun shared that he hopes to work with her again in another project in the future. “Both while watching her in other dramas as a viewer and while acting together with her in real life,” he said, “I felt that Lee Se Young is an actress who has really great energy. I felt regretful that we didn’t have many scenes together in ‘Kairos.’ She’s an actress with whom I want to act together again no matter what in another project.”

Finally, Ahn Bo Hyun revealed that he was charmed by his co-star Nam Gyu Ri, who played the object of his character’s devotion in the drama, in real life as well.

“Before I met Nam Gyu Ri, I had a fixed image of her in my mind as ‘SeeYa’s Nam Gyu Ri,'” said the actor, “but after meeting her in real life and working with her, I felt that she’s an actress who really has a lot of depth.”

“She’s also someone with a mysterious charm,” he continued, “so I think that in real life as well, she’s an ideal person to fall in unrequited love with.”

When asked about the similarities between his character in “Kairos” and his own personality, Ahn Bo Hyun commented, “Do Kyun’s passion and his persistence in striving towards his goals are similar to my own in real life.” He added with a laugh, “As for our differences, Do Kyun is smarter than I am.”

Ahn Bo Hyun also spoke about his close friendship with “Itaewon Class” co-star Park Seo Joon.

Praising his friend’s acting abilities, he remarked, “He’s a friend from whom I have a lot to learn. Although we’re the same age, he started acting before I did, so he’s a friend who is really great at pulling off a wide variety of genres and a wide variety of roles. So I always think of him as someone from whom I have a lot to learn. I was happy that we were able to do ‘Itaewon Class’ together, and he’s a friend who is a positive source of motivation for me.”

As for what “Itaewon Class” means to him, Ahn Bo Hyun shared, “It was a turning point in my life. It became an opportunity for me to become known by many people. It was also especially meaningful because people looked at the character of Jang Geun Won not just as a pure villain, but with sympathy and compassion, and I was really grateful for that.”

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