Make Way For The Queens: 10 Best Korean Actresses Of 2020

This is it – the feature of all features as we shine lights on the Korean actresses who have done their dues, entertaining the world in their respective roles. Most of these actresses have been in the industry for a long time and have proven time and time again that they’re the best of the best. Here are 10 of the best actresses that 2020 had to offer.

Note: List is in no particular order and actresses whose dramas premiered in December 2020 are not included in this list.

1. Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin starred in the hit series “Crash Landing On You” this past year alongside Hyun Bin. The two created quite the buzz and there were even rumors circulating about them dating in real life because of their sizzling chemistry (which we just discovered is actually true). Son Ye Jin is known to be good at having chemistry with every co-star she works with, which is only a testament to how good of an actress she is. Through her character, Yoon Se Ri, she was able to touch us with her emotions and pain. Her constant dedication to her craft in delivering such quality dramas only continues amazes us. Her work is always something to look forward to!

2. Kim Go Eun

Kim Go Eun is respected for her versatility in picking roles. The characters she chooses are hardly ever the same and she’s constantly commended for her ability to pick challenging roles that shed any ability to typecast her. This past year, she starred in the popular SBS drama “The King: Eternal Monarch” alongside Lee Min Ho, and yet again showed everyone her acting chops. She played a cop who falls in love with a King from a parallel universe, and in very Kim Go Eun fashion, she was able to be witty, charming, and lovable. And if she wasn’t busy enough, she also starred in the historical movie “Hero” as a court lady who witnesses the death of the empress. Such different roles, but both performed so flawlessly!

3. Seo Ye Ji

Seo Ye Ji had a spectacular year as she starred in the hit series “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay.” It helped that her co-star was Kim Soo Hyun, but Seo Ye Ji was impressive in her portrayal as the dark and very honest Go Moon Young. Her incessant desire to want to be with Moon Kang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) was hilarious but endearing, and it left viewers wanting more of her! Not to mention, she looked fantastic in all those lavish dresses and hats. Her character suited Seo Ye Ji perfectly and it put her on the list of one of the most desired actresses in the industry! We look forward to seeing her next project!

4. Park Min Young

Park Min Young starred in the healing drama “I’ll Go To You When The Weather Is Nice” as a woman who experienced great trauma when she was younger. This trauma has lingered with her throughout her life and has always been a roadblock to fulfilling her dreams. Park Min Young’s portrayal of a strong and independent woman who constantly struggles with the weight of trauma provided great insight into the mind of a woman who has to come to peace with herself in order to love others. Park Min Young always delivers in her performances, and her choice in projects are almost always a guaranteed worthwhile watch.

You can watch her “I’ll Go To You When The Weather Is Nice” here:

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5. Jo Bo Ah

Jo Bo Ah had her plate full as she starred in not only one, but two K-dramas last year. She played Jung Young Jae in the KBS2 series “Forest” as a bubbly surgical resident, and then Nam Ji Ah in the tvN fantasy thriller “Tale Of The Nine-Tailed.” Her stellar performance and ability to convey such intense emotions as a result of being betrayed by her love was captivating, and she only showed her maturity as an actress. It’s almost hard to believe that she was able to play such different characters so flawlessly! This was her year to shine!

You can watch her in “Forest”:

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You can also watch her in “Tale Of The Nine-Tailed”:

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6. Lee Sung Kyung

It’s really hard to not like Lee Sung Kyung, no matter what role she plays. There’s a reason why she’s dubbed as the Korean girl crush. Every role she takes on is flawless, and she can really do no wrong. This past year, she starred in the hit series “Dr. Romantic 2” and showed yet again just how lovable she can be. Lee Sung Kyung was able to show the two sides of her character: a brilliant doctor, and a woman who is struggling with panic attacks when she has to conduct operations. Her character arc is about overcoming obstacles and never giving up! Lee Sung Kyung always lights up the screen and she’s an easy actress to watch.

Watch Lee Sung Kyung in “Dr. Romantic 2”:

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7. Suzy

Suzy always manages to shine no matter what her role is. She has a presence about her that’s captivating, and it draws viewers into her character. This past year, her role as Seo Dal Mi in the tvN series “Start-Up” was perfectly suited for her. Seo Dal Mi is a character who is a bit of an underdog and has had some bad luck. She struggles to make ends meet, but her determination and drive is what ultimately helps her to chase and achieve her dream. Her dream is far-fetched, but Dal Mi doesn’t let it discourage her. Her character was exactly what we needed in 2020 and it was brilliant seeing her in this vulnerable yet uplifting role. Suzy always manages to meet and exceed people’s expectations!

8. Kim So Yeon

Kim So Yeon played the despicable and vicious Cheon Seo Jin in the hit series “The Penthouse.” She had no problems betraying the people that loved her and doing whatever it took to see that she becomes chairman of the elite music school, even if that meant trampling over others. The fact that people couldn’t stand her character means that she played the role well. Her portrayal as this monstrous villain was bone-chilling and she really made you want to scream. Kim So Yeon’s a veteran actress so it’s really no wonder she is able to play Cheon Seo Jin so perfectly.

You can watch her flawless performance in “The Penthouse”:

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9. Moon Ga Young

Moon Ga Young starred alongside Kim Dong Wook in the underrated MBC romance “Find Me In Your Memory.” She played Yeo Ha Jin, a famous actress who suffers from hyperthymesia, which is a condition that effects your memory due to trauma. Moon Ga Young has come a long way in terms of her career as an actress, and it’s great that she’s finally getting the exposure that she deserves! She is also currently starring in the tvN webtoon based K-drama “True Beauty” and is showing her comical side, which has been exceeding expectations!

Catch her in “Find Me In Your Memory”:

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You can also watch her in “True Beauty”:

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10. Moon Chae Won

When Moon Chae Won is listed as part of a cast, you can almost guarantee that her performance will be of esteem quality. She’s garnered a lot of experience under her belt and has, in turn, become one of the industry’s best. This was further proven through her performance as the determined detective Cha Ji Won in tvN’s “Flower Of Evil.” She plays a character who, on one hand, has complete heart eyes for her shady husband, and on the other is a determined detective who is willing to do whatever it takes to catch criminals. Her contrast in character made her stand out this year as an actress and her performance was admirable!

You can start watching “Flower Of Evil” here:

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