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THE BOYZ recently participated in an interview with Star News to talk about their successful 2020, hopes for 2021, and more.

After debuting in 2017 with a boyish concept, THE BOYZ underwent an image change with their first full album “REVEAL” in 2020. This past summer, THE BOYZ took home the trophy in Mnet’s “Road to Kingdom” with their impressive performance skills. On top of this success, the group released their fifth mini album “Chase” to first-week sales of over 210,000 units, and won the Best Choice Award at the 2020 Asia Artist Awards.

Q said, “I remember being really nervous [when we won the Best Choice Award.] Is there anyone who wants to say something that they couldn’t say onstage?” Sunwoo responded, “It’s already been three years since our debut. We attended the Asia Artist Awards when we debuted, and we got to attend again in 2020 and show ourselves in front of The Bs [fandom name]. Every time we go to an awards show, we are grateful for the meaningful opportunity.” Sangyeon added, “We’re grateful for the award, but we’re also grateful for the chance to keep standing on the AAA stage. It’s all thanks to The Bs.”

As the winners of “Road to Kingdom,” THE BOYZ will be appearing on “Kingdom” with Stray Kids and ATEEZ.

Q said, “I hope it will be a chance for us to grow and mature again.” Juyeon said, “Like ‘Road to Kingdom,’ we’re ready to give it our all.” Younghoon said, “We have to create another legendary performance.”

Asked how they will top their performances from “Road to Kingdom,” Sunwoo joked, “We’re going to have a full circus.” Eric said, “On ‘Road to Kingdom,’ our question was, ‘Can we do this?’ Our question for ‘Kingdom’ is, ‘Can we do better?’ We’re going to do well. We’re going to do our best and win again. I want to show that we’ve grown so much more on ‘Kingdom’ compared to ‘Road to Kingdom.'”

The members also talked about some of the individual challenges they had taken on this year, from Sunwoo’s self-written track “Photosynthesis,” which was released on SoundCloud, to Younghoon’s role in the drama “Love Revolution.” Sunwoo said, “I worked on the song with CyA, who was a friend of mine at Hanlim and is a member of the band ONEWE. We were given nicknames when we debuted, and mine was ‘photosynthesis.’ I thought that could be my identity, so I wrote a song called ‘Photosynthesis.’ I wrote it thinking of the fans. The first verse is from my perspective, the second verse is from the fans’ perspective. I wanted to show that I know how the fans feel, and I hoped that the fans knew that as well.”

Kevin also shared that he was working on writing and producing music, and Juyeon added, “Apart from our work, we are all working on something like writing and producing. From languages, dance, singing, to acting, we want to show you as much as possible.” Q said, “I’ve taken up drawing lately. I’ve also done a painting that I gifted to fans. I also just draw whatever comes to mind.” Sangyeon said, “I’m getting into the hobby of watching movies and looking at art to improve my aesthetic senses. I ask myself, ‘How did they come up with that story? Why did they draw this like that?’ After starting to analyze works of art in this way, it feels like my eyes have opened.” Kevin quipped, “You should psychoanalyze Q’s paintings later.”

Jacob said, “I’ve been looking for new music to listen to. I listen to musicians whom I don’t know, and if I like it, I remember it and listen to it again. I like looking for different kinds of music. I look for diverse genres, get musical inspiration, and write songs of my own.”

Younghoon said, “At first I was scared and worried, but once I started, it was fun. I want to try more diverse roles in the future. Instead of deciding on a specific image, I want to try whatever roles come my way. If the other members were to try acting, I think Haknyeon has the most ambition.”

Ju Haknyeon said, “I have a very bright image, which is good, but I think I want to try acting something darker. I’ve been rewatching the ‘Twilight’ movies lately, and it feels different from how I saw them when I was younger. I think that after rewatching it, I’ve gotten the motivation to try acting.”

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