AOA's Yuna Writes Letter To Fans After Leaving FNC Entertainment

AOA’s Yuna expressed her gratitude and shared thoughts on her future in a letter to fans following the expiration of her contract with FNC Entertainment.

She posted the following letter on Instagram on January 1:

Hello, this is Yuna.

I’m writing this because I think that I need to personally say something to my fans who must have been surprised when you saw the news articles.

As of today, I’ve ended my contract with FNC, which I’ve been with for 10 years.

There’s so much that I want to say and I miss you too….
I’m not sure where I should start,
but just, I’m so grateful.

My 20s were really happy
thanks to the many people who love me.
I think I truly received so much love,
to the point that there were times when I wondered if it was alright for me to do so.

I just worked hard at everything
because I wanted to sing and I wanted to perform on stage,
and no matter what I did, my fans told me, ‘You’re beautiful,’ and ‘You’re cool.’
I think it’s thanks to you that I was able to keep running without stopping
no matter how hard and exhausting it was.

Starting now, I’m going to take my time a bit more and go a bit more slowly.
I’m going to try doing the things that I’ve wanted to do
and take some time for myself.

Thank you to my fans and my members,
who made such precious memories that I could never trade for anything else.
I will improve and grow.

I hope that in the new year,
everyone just experiences happier things.
Always be careful about your health, and happy new year!

Watch Yuna in the drama “Single Wife” below!

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