Baekhyun Holds 1st Solo Concert And Hints At Something New From EXO

EXO’s Baekhyun successfully wrapped up his first solo concert!

On January 3, Baekhyun held his online concert “Beyond LIVE – BAEKHYUN : LIGHT” through the live concert streaming service Beyond LIVE.

Baekhyun performed a variety of songs including B-sides from his solo albums, his “Record of Youth” OST “Every Second,” and his latest single “Amusement Park.”

Baekhyun also performed the title song “Get You Alone” and B-side track “Addicted” from his upcoming Japanese solo mini album. After performing “Get You Alone,” Baekhyun commented, “Isn’t the stage sexy like me?” and added, “I was contemplating what kind of gift I should give my fans, and I decided to reveal the songs on my Japanese mini album that will be released on January 20.”

He then gave solo performances of EXO’s “Call Me Baby” and “Growl” and EXO-CBX’s “Blooming Day.” The singer shared, “The performances took me back to the past. I was really out of breath, singing these on my own after having sung them with the EXO members. EXO songs really are hard. Singing them alone made me miss the members.” He also revealed, “I think something new will come out this year. It’s hard to sing on my own, so I have to sing together with the EXO members.”

Before the encore, the music video for “Get You Alone” was also revealed for the first time, thrilling fans. Baekhyun then sang his version of BoA’s “Garden in the Air” and shared a few words ahead of the final encore song.

“In the comments, I saw someone say that I’m ‘someone who can do everything.’ Even I think that I’m someone who can do everything,” he playfully said. He continued, “But all of this is only possible if you’re here. Without all of you, I don’t feel motivated to do such things.” Baekhyun also joked, “After the COVID-19 pandemic, let’s have a 24-hour concert offline. You can’t go home and you have to stay trapped inside.”

Lastly, he expressed, “I think the reason Lee Soo Man gave me the superpower of light is so that I can always stay next to all of you. I’ll stay next to you for a long, long time. I’ll keep working hard and growing, so please show me lots of love.” Baekhyun wrapped up the concert with EXO-CBX’s “Cherish.”

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