Jin Ji Hee Talks About Playing A Villain Character In

Actress Jin Ji Hee participated in an interview to talk about “The Penthouse,” which recently wrapped up its first season.

In “The Penthouse,” Jin Ji Hee plays Yoo Je Ni, the daughter of Kang Ma Ri (Shin Eun Kyung) and Yoo Dong Pil (Heo Sung Tae). She is a snobbish high school student who bullies the people around her.

Jin Ji Hee said, “I tried not to lose my focus on the character despite the plot twists in the drama. As I played Je Ni, I thought, ‘How can I torment Bae Ro Na [Kim Hyun Soo] in such a way that it makes Ro Na look more pitiful?’ ‘How can I bring this scene to life?’ Even when my character’s mom gets arrested in the second half, I wanted to show that my character didn’t change all at once.”

Although Jin Ji Hee is no longer a child actor, she put on a school uniform again to play Yoo Je Ni. She said, “I didn’t feel any sense of pressure about that. It’s only been three years since I graduated from high school. It was fun to put on a uniform again and act. I’m glad that people think I look younger than my age.”

Asked about the drama’s 19+ rating in certain episodes, she said, “I didn’t know that it would be like that. When we first got the script, it was rated 15+. But as the story developed, parts of it changed to 19+. I think that it was for the quality of the drama.”

The actress shared that she had found it hard to play a villainous role. “I would feel bad after I hit or pushed other people,” she said. “Stuff like that is emotionally difficult. You have to get in a truly malicious mindset. Even though it’s acting, I felt like I was causing harm to the other person, so I was uncomfortable. It wasn’t difficult physically, but emotionally and mentally it was hard.”

About her future acting goals, she said, “I want to do the kind of acting that is appropriate for my age. Rather than escape from my ‘child actor’ image, I want to play characters that I can play at this time. I would like to try something in the mystery genre, maybe a detective, and show a ‘girl crush’ side of me. It’s not so much that I want to get rid of the ‘child actor’ label, but I want to take on the challenge of playing new characters. Even if the characters seem similar, different contexts make them different. I want to be an actor that constantly takes on new challenges.”

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