On January 7, tvN’s “Mr. Queen” released a behind-the-scenes video of the actors showing the details of their drama’s set.

Acting as the tour guide is Cha Jung Hwa, who plays Lady Choi, a court lady in the palace. She is often accompanied by Shin Hye Sun, who plays the titular queen, Kim So Yong, and Kim Jung Hyun, who plays King Cheoljong.

The tour starts with Cha Jung Hwa and Kim So Yong mentioning that filming takes place with COVID-19 precautions in place, such as checking temperature and wearing masks except for when filming. Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun then bicker about what is “trendy” now in YouTube content creation, sounding similar to their characters (in the drama, Kim So Yong is possessed by the soul of a modern man).

Cha Jung Hwa then shows the viewers the detailed sets such as the corridor, the Tongmyeongjeon, where Bae Jong Ok‘s character holds court, the library, the training room, and the royal kitchen.

The actress explains that the production staff told her that the props in the Tongmyeongjeon were very expensive. She then plays around with the props and the production staff jokingly threaten to take the cost out of her pay. She also reveals “secrets” such as the ancient books actually being the same page printed over and over again. Even when the book appears to be real, she can’t read the Chinese characters inside. During the filming of the kitchen scenes, Kim In Kwon (who plays the royal chef) explains that they took place with real chefs and cooking experts on site to correct them on every single mistake.

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