Jeon Yeo Bin Talks About Working With Song Joong Ki For Upcoming Drama, Reflects On Her Rise To Fame, And More

Jeon Yeo Bin recently participated in a pictorial and interview for Elle Korea to share her thoughts on her upcoming drama, her acting career thus far, and more!

Jeon Yeo Bin, who was previously confirmed to be appearing in the upcoming tvN drama “Vincenzo” (literal title), said that she has been so engrossed in her character that she hasn’t had any time to think about the drama’s premiere. When describing her character Hong Cha Young, she emphasized her unique rhythm and odd personality. “Since her rhythm is different from who I am, it’s been an interesting experience getting used to the role,” she explained.

Continuing to express her enthusiasm for the drama, she said, “When actors return home after filming, they sometimes feel unsure of themselves and wonder if they did a good job. But after coming back from the ‘Vincenzo’ set, I’m full of excitement. It’s a set where I can gain courage and confidence.”

The drama marks Jeon Yeo Bin’s first encounter with Song Joong Ki, whom she described as someone who often buys food for the other actors and staff. She shared what it was like to work with Song Joong Ki, saying, “My character is the type of person who keeps pestering other people. I felt embarrassed doing that to a senior actor that I just met, but he would always say, ‘It’s okay to do more.’ Thanks to him I was able to act more freely and naturally.”

Referring back to her character of Lee Eun Jung in her previous drama “Melo is My Nature,” Jeon Yeo Bin said that similar to her character, she does her best to say what’s on her mind. “In my youth, I thought it was best to tell the truth, so I always spoke in an honest manner,” she revealed. “I slowly began to realize that I could hurt others with my words. I went to a women’s university and became friends with really kind people. They were really patient, so as I spent time with them I reflected on a lot of things.”

Jeon Yeo Bin shared more details about her university life, such as how she sat in on classes for majors other than her own. She explained, “I thought it would be a shame if I missed the opportunity to learn. There were plenty of times where I was so busy auditing other classes that I missed out on lunch with my friends due to our different timetables. I think I enjoy having shallow knowledge on a broad variety of subjects.”

The classes she audited ranged from modern dance to applied music to art. Commenting on the variety of artistic classes, Jeon Yeo Bin admitted, “It’s kind of cringeworthy, but back then I wanted to become an actress who excelled in all artistic areas. I thought that I had to have various artistic abilities. I always worried about whether or not I should take another part-time job or pick up another class during the week.”

After deciding to become an actress, Jeon Yeo Bin had resolved to quit the profession if she couldn’t make a living by the age of 30. When asked if she had thought of an alternative career, she replied, “I didn’t, so that made it all the more stressful. However, the anxiety I felt during that time made me more resilient.” She credited her close friends and family for giving her the strength to seize the opportunities that came her way, such as appearing in short films or working as a staff member for theater productions.

When asked about her strengths as an actress, Jeon Yeo Bin answered, “Even though I’m lacking in many areas now, I believe that I can improve. This bravery of mine is my greatest weapon. In order to have hope, you always have to embrace yourself and believe that you can do better.”

Jeon Yeo Bin said she learned this attitude from her mother, who worked hard to live a good life after Jeon Yeo Bin’s father passed away. “My mother told me, ‘Do you think a person who doesn’t even know the basics can go out and become a great person? Master the basics first.’ I didn’t like how my mother said to work on the basics while everyone else said to dream big,” she recalled. “But at some point, I suddenly realized that I needed to do a proper job in the very spot where my feet were planted. I learned how to gain courage from the smallest things.”

When she needs a boost of energy, Jeon Yeo Bin shared that she likes to take a walk or enjoy a cup of coffee. In addition to acting, she revealed that she also gets immersed in washing dishes, saying, “When I do the dishes, I find peace of mind.”

After being asked if she would create content to share her hobbies with others, Jeon Yeo Bin joked, “People probably wouldn’t watch my content since it would be really boring. Taking walks, watching movies, reading books—that would be it.”

Check out Jeon Yeo Bin in the drama “Melo is My Nature” below:

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