Yoon Kyun Sang Talks About Living Alone, Why He Decided To Raise Cats, And More

On the January 10 episode of SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling,” actor Yoon Kyun Sang appeared as a special MC.

During his appearance, MC Seo Jang Hoon said, “It’s rare that there’s not much of a height difference between me and another person,” referring to Yoon Kyun Sang’s height.

The actor shared that he has lived alone for 11 years and that he is from Jeonju. Jeonju is a city in North Jeolla Province that is famous for its food culture. Asked if he takes care of housework by himself, he said, “I do. I can do pretty much everything by myself. Except for cooking.”

The celebrity mothers on the panel asked why he couldn’t cook if he was from Jeonju, and he replied, “When I go back home, I always eat whatever my mom and my grandma prepared. I didn’t do anything. I’ve tried to get interested in cooking through books, but I think that I’m more suited to helping out in the kitchen than cooking by myself. I can put different kinds of ingredients in ramyun but that’s pretty much all I know about cooking.”

Yoon Kyun Sang is well-known for his love of cats, currently raising four cats who have been adopted from shelters. He has also spoken up about the importance of being responsible when it comes to adopting pets.

On the show, he explained, “I had a dog when I was younger, so even when I moved out, I never felt lonely. But when I’m working on a production, I spend more time outside than I do at home. One day I came home and my dog climbed on top of my stomach and began peeing on me. Even though he knew that he would get in trouble. I could feel him trembling and I was really shocked.”

He continued, “After that, he would only eat and go to the bathroom if I was watching him. If I went to the bathroom with the door closed, he would howl outside the door. He had developed separation anxiety out of loneliness because I was gone all the time. I sent him back to my parents’ house and then I got depressed. That’s how I met the cats that are my pets now.”

He added, “I thought if I only got one, he would be lonely, and I ended up with four. They’re my family.”

The actor was also asked about his dating style. He said, “My friends say that I’m really old-school. It’s not a bad thing to go to nightclubs, but I don’t like people who go to clubs. I don’t like people who cut off contact, and I don’t like it when people don’t have manners.”

He explained, “My dad scolded me a lot when I was growing up. He never once told me to study harder, but if I fought with my little brother or threw a tantrum in a place where there were a lot of adults, he would scold me a lot.”

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