Kim So Yeon Talks About Husband Lee Sang Woo's Reaction To Her Kiss Scenes In

On the latest episode of MBC’s “How Do You Play?”, “The Penthouse” star Kim So Yeon shared stories about her husband Lee Sang Woo!

During the January 9 broadcast of the variety show, Kim So Yeon made a special guest appearance to chat and play games with Yoo Jae Suk, Defconn, and Kim Jong Min.

After the three stars praised Kim So Yeon’s critically-acclaimed and award-winning performance in the hit SBS drama “The Penthouse,” the conversation turned to the topic of her husband Lee Sang Woo. When asked if he had ever been shocked by her intense acting in the drama, Kim So Yeon revealed that he had actually stopped watching the show for an entirely different reason.

“I had a few kiss scenes [in ‘The Penthouse’],” explained Kim So Yeon. “[Because of that,] he stopped watching the drama after a certain point. So I’ve been picking and choosing only the good scenes, and I show him those.”

She shyly added, “Now I stop him from watching those scenes. [When a scene like that comes on,] I’ll tell him, ‘Go inside for a bit.'”

Kim Jong Min also brought up the fact that before their marriage, Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo had been known to meet up very early in the morning for 15-hour dates.

“Yes, because Sang Woo was so insistent on meeting at 7 in the morning,” the actress recalled with a laugh. “I went along with it, but I ended up getting dark circles [under my eyes]. So I decided, ‘I can’t keep doing this. We’ll have to get married.'”

Kim So Yeon went on to tell the story of how her relationship with Lee Sang Woo first became public knowledge. After watching a clip of her past appearance on MBC’s “The King of Mask Singer,” she remarked, “There’s actually a story behind that day. That was the day the news of my relationship with Lee Sang Woo first broke.”

“While I was preparing for [‘The King of Mask Singer’],” she revealed, “on the day right before filming, when I was busy practicing, a reporter contacted me to let me know they’d be writing an article [about my dating Lee Sang Woo]. So I begged her, ‘I’m going on “The King of Mask Singer” tomorrow, and I’m really nervous, so could you please wait just one day [to publish the news]?’ I begged her desperately, and she agreed to put it off for one day. I was so grateful.”

“However, when I went to the filming set [the next day],” she went on, “thirty minutes before I appeared on stage, the news broke. Someone else had reported it.”

“In that moment, I felt so apologetic [to the reporter who had agreed to wait],” said Kim So Yeon. “I felt so terrible, I really didn’t know what to do. They were telling me to stand by, so I asked them if they could please give me just 10 more minutes to get ready. In those 10 minutes, I called the reporter and told her I was so, so sorry, and I asked if I could at least give her an interview.”

“Back then, it hadn’t been that long since we’d started dating, so I didn’t have much to talk about,” recalled the actress. “But during those 10 minutes, I racked my brain to think of all the stories I could possibly remember [for the interview]. Then, as soon as I hung up, I had to go on stage, so I didn’t get a chance to put on any makeup. I was supposed to get my makeup done before I went into filming, but I wasn’t able to.”

Kim So Yeon went on to reveal that she still remembered the reporter’s name and which news outlet she worked for. “Even now, I still can’t believe that kind of thing happened,” she continued. “I felt so bad.”

Amidst the actress’s humble protests, Yoo Jae Suk remarked, “Honestly, it’s widely known in the entertainment industry that all of Kim So Yeon’s staff and fellow actors name her as the top of the top when it comes to having a kind heart. Some people even say she’s too kind for her own good.”

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