Park Ha Sun Gets Honest About Married Life With Ryu Soo Young, Including Pregnancy, Fights, And More

On the January 11 episode of SBS’s “Same Bed Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny,” actress Park Ha Sun appeared as a special guest.

Park Ha Sun said, “I’m the type to get way too honest so I’m not sure if I can maintain my image. My husband was also afraid of me [coming on the show]. He’s built up this image as a loving husband and I might bring it all down.”

Park Ha Sun and Ryu Soo Young met on the set of the 2013 drama “Two Weeks” and began dating in 2014. The couple got married in 2017 and have one daughter together.

About her first impression of Ryu Soo Young, she said, “We met while working on the same drama and I was very disappointed at our first staff dinner. After he had some alcohol, he began speaking English. I’m pretty good at English, but when someone who doesn’t normally speak English suddenly starts speaking it after drinking, it’s hard to understand what he’s saying. I thought to myself, ‘I shouldn’t hang out with him.'” She added as a joke on her husband’s fondness for talking, “In the past, I didn’t like quiet men because they weren’t any fun, but now my ideal type is a quiet man.”

Park Ha Sun was honest about the couple’s fights. “When you’re pregnant, your hormones change,” she said. “My husband says that I was like a beast. I would get angry and roar like a lion. He came home late one night after a staff dinner and I got mad at him. Later, I heard the sound of music so I went to see and he was crying while listening to music.” She added that the couple has not fought much after their daughter was born. “If we start bickering, our daughter says, ‘That’s not right,’ and we get embarrassed and stop. It made us look more childish than our child, so we stopped fighting.”

Park Ha Sun revealed that in the early days of their marriage, she used to leave the house after she fought with her husband. “We have a kid so I can’t do that now, but even when I was pregnant, I would just get out. Sometimes I would go to my parents’ house, but my husband said that was embarrassing and stayed home. Once I told him not to come to my parents’ house. There was also a time that I left for a trip without telling him. I didn’t want to get into a fight, so I just went, because he would get worried if he knew. I’ve gone as far as Europe like that.”

The actress also opened up about her breastfeeding experience. “At first, I had no thought of breastfeeding,” she said. “But it took me some time to recover [from giving birth], so I ended up breastfeeding for 15 months. She was so cute while feeding. It felt like such a noble experience.”

Check out Park Ha Sun in the drama “Birthcare Center” below!

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