Shim Eun Jin And Jeon Seung Bin Announce Their Marriage

Actors Shim Eun Jin and Jeon Seung Bin have officially registered their marriage!

On January 12, former Baby V.O.X member Shim Eun Jin took to Instagram to confirm her marriage and discuss their relationship. Her post reads as follows:

Hello. This is Shim Eun Jin.

Although I’m shy, I want to confess to everyone. Starting today, January 12, 2021, Jeon Seung Bin and I have become each other’s spouse. We first got to know each other through the MBC drama ‘Bad Love’ and spent time as colleagues and as senior and junior. By the end of the drama, we were able to confirm each other’s feelings. After that, we thought seriously about each other while meeting and have reached where we are today.

To some people, it may seem rushed to get married after not even a year of dating, but to be honest, since I’m not exactly at a young age now, I’ve put aside those worries. I think it’d be right to say that from my experience, I had trust in this person. Whether the time had been long or short was not an important problem for me. I want to share the rest of my life with this person. Since it’s not common to have such luck in finding someone who makes you think you want to live a long, long time looking upon each other, the moment I had that feeling, I felt rather taken over by the thought of whether there was a point to giving it more time. If you can be happy in each and every moment, that’s such a good thing.

That’s why I ask for your support as we head towards this starting point for the first time. I also ask for applause so we can walk beautifully and gracefully.

Since it’s a very difficult time right now, we haven’t been able to set a date for our wedding yet. We want to wait a bit for a time when our family overseas can come to Korea. That’s why I think it’d be more fitting to use the word vow ceremony rather than wedding ceremony. I will pray so that the day we can meet with friends and family to eat a meal together may come quickly.

Regardless, thank you for reading my long, dragged out message. We will move forward beautifully and gracefully and try to live courageously and well.

2021 is now the start. Happy new year and I will pray for everyone’s health and wellness. You all know this, right? Watch out for cars, watch out for your health, and watch out for people.

Following Shim Eun Jin’s post, her agency BB Entertainment released a statement regarding their marriage. Read the full statement below:

Hello. This is BB Entertainment.

This is our official statement regarding the post made by actor Shim Eun Jin on her social media today.

On January 12, Shim Eun Jin and Jeon Seung Bin became husband and wife after registering their marriage.

The two actors met through the drama ‘Bad Love’ and were able to confirm their feelings for one another. After, they began a relationship and have continued their love.

Once the situation with COVID-19 settles, the two plan to hold a simple vow ceremony inviting both their families and close friends, but the exact date has yet to be decided.

In the future, she plans to continue greeting you all with the same attitude through good projects so we ask that you give lots of blessings and support to the two people ahead of their new start.

Thank you.

From BB Entertainment

Later in the day, Jeon Seung Bin uploaded his own post talking about their marriage. His caption reads:

I’m uploading this post after a lot of thought and consideration. 2020 was a year where a lot happened. It was a year where a lot of people struggled and it was also a year where I personally had a hard time.

Last year, there was someone who approached me with their warm heart. Today, I want to write about that person. She was both my colleague and my senior and is also like a friend I can share a lot of my opinions with. She is someone who makes me think a lot, feel fear, as well as feel ambition. I thought that I couldn’t let go of her hand. So I held on to her hand and we’ve met seriously up until now. While we were meeting, I thought that she was someone with such a beautiful heart. Thank you. I thought that I’d like if her heart and this relationship were to continue on. While meeting her, I also experienced a lot of changes. People around me often tell me that although they don’t know the reason why, I’ve become better and more relaxed. I also really like that nowadays and am so thankful for this. That’s why after a long conversation, we decided to become family starting today. I must muster courage once again. Although it’s a time period you could call short, I want to tell you that it wasn’t an easy decision. Moving forward, I want to write my story with this person. I ask that you watch over my story with Shim Eun Jin with a supportive heart. Happy New Year.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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