NU'EST's Minhyun Reveals Favorite Scene From

NU’EST’s Minhyun talked about his role in JTBC’s “Live On”!

“Live On” is a romance drama starring Minhyun as Go Eun Taek, a perfectionist who is the head of his high school’s broadcasting club, and Jung Da Bin as Baek Ho Rang, a school celebrity and social media influencer who joins the club with ulterior motives. The drama aired its final episode on January 12.

In a recent interview with Star News, Minhyun talked about his character Go Eun Taek. He shared, “Go Eun Taek is a character who seems cold-hearted at first, but he gradually becomes softer and more affectionate after meeting Baek Ho Rang. I tried hard to express these sides of him so that the viewers could accept this naturally.”

Minhyun revealed, “The director told me that he actually cast me as Go Eun Taek after looking up my real self, and I think we have many similarities.” He explained that if he were to put it into percentages, Minhyun thought that he and Go Eun Taek were 70 percent alike. The actor explained, “I think Go Eun Taek’s firm and clear perspective as well as his deep empathy are similar to me, and they’re aspects I want to resemble even more.” Minhyun added, “I hope people remember Go Eun Taek as a sturdy character, someone who doesn’t get swayed easily, and a person who knows how to give his heart to someone.”

When asked about his favorite scene, Minhyun chose the ending of episode 7 when Go Eun Taek hugged Baek Ho Rang after she confessed everything through a live broadcast. He explained, “All of the misunderstandings and issues were resolved, and I felt that Baek Ho Rang and Go Eun Taek had sincerely opened up their hearts to one another.” Minhyun added, “It was also a scene many viewers liked, and I still get a warm feeling inside when I think about that scene.” Furthermore, the artist expressed his gratitude for being able to make good friends and work with great actors through the drama while also maturing as a person.

Minhyun also talked about the response from his members and the people around him regarding “Live On.” He shared, “I was really happy to hear from many people that the drama was interesting, and as the episodes progressed, I felt proud to often hear that I was well suited for the role.”

Through “Live On,” Minhyun experienced his first leading role in a drama. Minhyun shared, “I still have countless characters and projects I want to challenge myself to in the future. If the opportunities arise, I want to work hard to become an actor who can take on various roles and projects.” Minhyun added, “My all-time favorite film is ‘Transformers.'”

Finally, Minhyun revealed, “From working as a singer to a musical actor, and now as a drama actor, I’m taking on all activities with a sincere and deep heart. I want to become an artist who always works hard and transforms so that I can show that I’m always growing and developing in various fields.”

If you haven’t already, start watching Minhyun in “Live On” below:

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