Exclusive: Shin Hye Sun And Kim Jung Hyun Share Message For Global “Mr. Queen” Fans, Pick Other Roles They’d Play, And More

Mr. Queen” lead actors Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun have answered questions for international viewers of the drama!

tvN’s “Mr. Queen” is a fusion historical drama that has been gathering plenty of fans both domestically and abroad. Check out Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun’s exclusive interview with Viki and Soompi below, and make sure to read until the end to see their message to global fans!

Please introduce your character.

Kim Jung Hyun: In “Mr. Queen,” Cheoljong is a “two-faced king” who can be naive but also level-headed at other times.

Shin Hye Sun: “Mr. Queen” is a soul-escaping drama about a two-faced king and a queen whose soul is switched with that of a pretentious modern-day Korean man and gains an over-the-top personality. In the drama, I play the role of Kim So Yong—both the original Joseon Dynasty queen who has lived within strict rules and the one that was combined with the soul of the vigorous modern-day Korean man Jang Bong Hwan.

Is there a specific aspect that you prepared or paid special attention to for your role in “Mr. Queen”?

Kim Jung Hyun: There are many action scenes as it is a historical drama, so I practiced horseback riding and martial arts for filming. I also put a lot of thought in how to portray the historical figure showing growth through an unexpected incident, and I analyzed with depth in hopes that my way of expression will be adequate.

Shin Hye Sun: Because the character I play is a Joseon Dynasty queen on the outside with the soul of a modern man on the inside, I focused my thoughts on how to avoid making the viewers uncomfortable and did my best to portray it in a way that wouldn’t cause discomfort. And rather than differentiating So Yong and Bong Hwan by their genders, I approached it by distinguishing the two characters’ personalities.

There are many diverse characters in “Mr. Queen.” What other character would you like to try out besides your own?

Kim Jung Hyun: I think a man’s soul being trapped in a queen’s body is an interesting concept, so I would like to try acting out the role of Kim So Yong.

Shin Hye Sun: I think the role of Kim Byung In played by Na In Woo is very charming. There are his action scenes, of course, but he loves someone yearningly while also having a hidden side due to his personal troubles. His diverse sides captured my attention.

Kim Byung In (Na In Woo)

Of the Joseon Dynasty speech that you learned while filming “Mr. Queen,” is there a word or phrase you would like to introduce to international fans?

Kim Jung Hyun: Yeonmo is said quite often [in the drama]. It can be similar to sarang (love), but it also includes the emotion of earnest longing. I think it is a more rich expression of love.

Shin Hye Sun: One of So Yong’s lines is, “You have to yeonmo me.” How about using this phrase when confessing love in the future?

Hanbok vs. modern day clothing

Kim Jung Hyun: Modern day clothing.

Shin Hye Sun: Modern day clothing. Although the hanbok is Korea’s beautiful traditional clothing, modern day clothing is more comfortable for me right now.

What era and country would you like to time slip to?

Kim Jung Hyun: Genghis Khan’s era in Mongolia.

Shin Hye Sun: Korea in the 1990s. I’d like to try returning to my childhood.

If your soul were to be switched: Blue House chef vs. Joseon Dynasty queen vs. Joseon Dynasty Cheoljong

Kim Jung Hyun: Blue House chef.

Shin Hye Sun: Blue House chef, since I’m living in this era currently.

Please share a message for the international fans who are tuning into “Mr. Queen”!

Kim Jung Hyun: Everyone is experiencing lethargic lifestyles these days. We will successfully overcome this, and I believe that this lifestyle right now will become a memory for us one day. I hope you will laugh a lot and take a brief break while watching “Mr. Queen.” I think this is a time when we need a bit of comfort, rather than a powerful message within the drama. It would make me happy more than anything if you take a moment to laugh.

Shin Hye Sun: To the viewers of “Mr. Queen,” I hope that you put your burdens and worries down for a moment and have a fun and refreshing time watching our drama. Please take care of your health, and I hope your days are filled with happiness~ I’ll see you in “Mr. Queen.” Thank you.

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