16 K-Pop Songs To Boost Your Confidence

We’ve all heard the saying “confidence is key,” but at times it can be hard to feel good about ourselves and our abilities no matter how hard we try. Some days it’s just because we’re feeling blue; other days it’s because of a biting comment that hit us where it hurt. Then there are those days where we find ourselves tumbling down the social media rabbit hole, comparing ourselves to others left and right until our self-esteem is in shambles. Fortunately, regardless of the root cause of such negative feelings, there is a scientifically proven method to boost one’s self-confidence: listening to music! From colorful, upbeat bops to fiery and bold anthems, here’s a list of songs that are guaranteed to have you feeling yourself in no time.

Ailee – “Room Shaker”

Whether you’re mentally preparing for a big interview, a first date, or something else entirely, if you’re hoping to leave a big impression, look no further than “Room Shaker” to help you get in the right frame of mind. Between its invigorating beat and Ailee’s powerful vocals, this jam will surely give you an infusion of confidence so that you, too, can be a room shaker when the time comes.

A.C.E – “Savage”

Sometimes the best medicine for a bout of low self-esteem is a high-intensity track that really brings the ruckus, making “Savage” just what the doctor ordered. A.C.E exudes so much hot-blooded confidence and charisma in this fierce song that some of it is bound to rub off on you every time the chorus rolls around.

Chungha – “Chica”

“Chica” is the perfect pick-me-up for when you’re feeling defeated, as it not only has an infectious chorus that you’ll want to sing along to, but it also features an uplifting message about women’s empowerment and overcoming setbacks. As Chungha says during the bridge, “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, as long as you try.”

BTS – “Dionysus”

What better way to raise one’s confidence than to channel some Olympian Greek god energy? And no, just because Dionysus is the god of wine doesn’t mean you’ll need alcohol to give you your desired confidence boost. Instead, let the punchy choreography and the members’ energetic delivery take your self-esteem to new heights as you listen to this certified bop.

CL – “HWA”

No one does it quite like CL, the baddest female, whose flow is always straight fire regardless of the language she’s rapping in. In this playful but aggressive piece, the combination of her sassy, come-at-me attitude, an earth-shaking bass line, and arresting visuals make it impossible to not feel like a bit of a badass yourself, ready to throw hands should anyone try to tear you down.

VAV – “Gorgeous”

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have fanboys, all you need to do is play this fun and funky dance-pop track and bask in the boys’ awe as they repeatedly proclaim your beauty. Doing so will undoubtedly put a smile on your face and make you feel like a million bucks, possibly even prompting some spontaneous dance moves along the way.

ATEEZ – “Wonderland”

How does one reach ATEEZ-level confidence? Probably not simply by listening to their music, but doing so certainly doesn’t hurt. With its bold brass and heavy drum sounds plus the members’ electrifying energy, “Wonderland” is sure to have you marching with your head held high and determination in your step anytime you turn it on.

MAMAMOO – “Wanna Be Myself”

MooMoos know that these confidence queens have a whole slew of songs that fit the theme of this article, from “gogobebe” to “HIP,” making it hard to pick just one song to highlight. Ultimately, though, “Wanna Be Myself” gets the honor of being featured here, thanks to its inspiring message about self-love and accepting oneself despite what others may say or think.

GOT7 – “Hard Carry”

Given this song’s title, it goes without saying that it goes hard — really hard. So hard, in fact, that it can hardly wait to dive into its powerhouse of a chorus, hinting at what’s to come in a sledgehammer-subtle way from its opening bars. Therefore, whenever you could use some moral support, all you need to do is queue up this battle-ready track and let GOT7 hard carry you to victory over whatever you may be up against.

Lee Suhyun – “Alien”

Due to its colorful extraterrestrial imagery and peculiar lyrics, “Alien” may seem fun but a bit silly at first, especially as Suhyun faces off against a horde of alien baddies. Behind all of the MV’s whimsy and comic book flair, however, lies an emboldening message about being true to yourself and not allowing the world to define who you are.

NCT U – “Boss”

One can’t help but feel like a boss while listening to this song, in which the members showcase their endless confidence and formidable presence, proving that they are indeed bosses who are ready to take the lead. In particular, Taeyong’s and Mark’s overwhelming swag during their joint rap break in the second half never fails to make us feel like we’re large and in charge too. Their power truly knows no limits.

UP10TION – “Come As You Are”

“Come As You Are” isn’t the most explosive of songs, especially compared to some of the other ones listed here, but hey, confidence isn’t just about being bold and unrelenting. This song is great for those times when you feel like you just aren’t pretty enough no matter what you do, what with its sweet lyrics that say to forget about all the makeup and high heels, “I like you as you are. I like your everything.”

Jessi – “Who Dat B”

Like always, Jessi flaunts her confidence and unapologetic attitude in this strong hip hop track that will have you saying “I’m dat B” long before it’s over. As Jessi’s husky voice glides over an unassuming trap beat, her energy is simultaneously intimidating and inspiring, making us dream of attaining her level of self-assuredness one day ourselves.

Jamie – “Numbers” (feat. Changmo)

In a world in which followers, views, and likes often drive how we appraise both others and ourselves, this catchy track serves as an excellent reminder that numbers aren’t everything. Moreover, it suggests we would do well to ignore those who try to use numbers to put valuations on us because in reality, beyond all the stats, each of us is a unique individual who cannot be defined by numbers.


If the MAMAMOO members are the queens of confidence, then MONSTA X just might be the kings. Like many of the group’s other high-impact hits, “BEASTMODE” is one of those songs that leaves you feeling ready to take on the world. So the next time you feel disheartened or powerless, turn this song up real loud and enter your own beast mode; you just might discover that you’re capable of more than you realized.


Haters got you down? Then give “LA DI DA” a listen, as it’ll have you forgetting the haters ever even existed. In this positively captivating electropop song, EVERGLOW shows that they have no qualms about telling naysayers what’s what, unequivocally stating that they “got no time for haters” and won’t allow them to bring them down, and nor should you.

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