Update: SM And Hyoyeon Respond To Post Mentioning Her As DJ Of Burning Sun Event In 2018

Updated January 14 KST:

Through a post on Instagram, Hyoyeon has now addressed the recent post that mentioned her in relation to the Burning Sun scandal.

She uploaded the photo of her DJing that had been posted by whistleblower Kim Sang Kyo, and she referenced a line in his original post in which an actress was described as “drooling” while on drugs.

Hyoyeon wrote:

Now then~ Everyone calm down~~!
It seems that I look easy to deal with because I’m staying still [Korean wordplay] but I diligently did my job. I greeted many people and had a drink with a friend who came to congratulate me on the performance and the staff members, and in a good mood I had pork belly as a hangover cure~ Then I came home! I think I did see men and women in the club who were drooling as they tried to hit on each other. But I didn’t see or hear any drooling actresses, actors, cats, or dogs~ Also, this is the last day I’m going to endure keyboard warriors~~ I’m going to scold you a lot this time. Oh also! I’ll take this post down tomorrow. It won’t be because I’m scared~ People think you’re a pushover if you don’t say anything [insect emoji]. Well then! Everyone, have a happy new year and enjoy a long life!

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Original Article:

SM Entertainment has released a statement in response to a post mentioning Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon in relation to the Burning Sun scandal.

On January 13, Kim Sang Kyo, the original whistleblower who caused the launch of the Burning Sun case, wrote a post on Instagram saying that Hyoyeon was a DJ of the party that took place on November 24, 2018. In his post, he said that she must have seen the VVIPs of the night and called her out asking for her to open up as witness of who assaulted him and about an actress who had taken drugs. His post has since been deleted.

Hyoyeon’s agency SM Entertainment commented in response on January 14, “Hyoyeon only performed as she was invited to be a DJ for the event at the time, and she has no relation to this post. We ask that people refrain from speculations and misunderstandings.”

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