Jin Ki Joo Has An Unexpected Reunion With Her On-Screen Father Uhm Hyo Sup In “Homemade Love Story”

KBS 2TV’s “Homemade Love Story” has unveiled new stills from the upcoming episode!

“Homemade Love Story” is a drama about the various stories that take place inside the Samkwang Villa. It is a family drama centered around the villa’s owner, Lee Soon Jung (Jeon In Hwa), who welcomes everyone to her table. Lee Jang Woo stars as a detail-oriented architect named Woo Jae Hee, and Jin Ki Joo co-stars as Lee Bit Chae Woon, who has to shoulder the responsibility of taking care of her family.


Despite the warnings of Lee Bit Chae Woon’s two mothers Lee Soon Jung and Kim Jung Won (Hwang Shin Hye) to stay away from their daughter, Lee Bit Chae Woon’s biological father Park Pil Hong (Uhm Hyo Sup) pretended to be someone else in order to stay by her side. When she found out about his scheme, her tears nudged at his guilty conscience, and he disappeared, resolving to face her again when his business becomes successful.

New stills show that Park Pil Hong’s plan seems to have gone awry. Lee Bit Chae Woon is surprised to see her father, who looks equally astonished to see her. As he ducks his head, ashamed to look his own daughter in the eye, Lee Bit Chae Woon desperately grabs hold of his arm in an attempt to keep him from leaving. As Lee Bit Chae Woon engages her father in conversation, viewers are left wondering if Park Pil Hong will be able to remedy his mistakes and turn over a new leaf as a good father.

The drama’s production team commented, “In today’s episode, Lee Bit Chae Woon will pour out all of her built-up anger after meeting her troublemaker of a father. Tune in to the upcoming episode to see Jin Ki Joo and Uhm Hyo Sup’s ardent emotions, which they displayed perfectly despite the cold weather.”

The next episode of “Homemade Love Story” will air on January 17 at 7:55 p.m. KST.

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