Update: Park Si Yeon Booked For Drunk Driving Incident, Agency And Actress Share Statements

Updated January 20 KST:

Park Si Yeon has posted an apology on her Instagram account following the news of her recent DUI (driving under the influence).

She wrote:

This is Park Si Yeon.
As I should personally apologize, I’m cautiously uploading a post on my personal account.
First, I sincerely apologize for evoking criticism.
Regardless of the reason, it was something that should not be done. I thought about it lightly and I am regretting and deeply reflecting on myself.
I am so sorry to the people who support and cherish me as well.
Once again, I will sincerely reflect.

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Original Article:

Park Si Yeon has been booked for a DUI (driving under the influence).

On January 19, SBS reported that Park Si Yeon was driving on January 17 at around 11:30 a.m. when she hit the back bumper of a car that had been waiting for the light to change to make a left turn at a three-way intersection. Traffic police nearby witnessed this and went to the scene.

It’s reported that Park Si Yeon’s blood alcohol content level was 0.097 percent, which is high enough to cause the driver’s license to be revoked. SBS reports that Park Si Yeon and the driver of the other car were not badly injured. Park Si Yeon was booked by the police on suspicions of driving under the influence and she was sent home. It’s reported that Park Si Yeon had admitted in police questioning to having driven after drinking.

In further reports, a police source has confirmed that the Seoul Songpa Police Station booked Park Si Yeon for suspicions of driving under the influence.

Later that day, her agency issued the following statement:

Hello, this is Mystic Story.

We are sharing our statement regarding news reports about Park Si Yeon.

First, we sincerely apologize for causing concern with bad news.

Park Si Yeon drank alcohol with an acquaintance at home on the evening of January 16. On the next day, January 17, she judged that she was no longer drunk and she went out using her own car. While driving, there was a minor collision, and she agreed to the nearby police’s request for a blood alcohol content level check. It came out that the level met that of a driver’s license revocation.

Regardless of the reason, our agency feels deeply responsible that such an incident occurred with our artist. Park Si Yeon is also deeply sorry and reflecting. We once again sincerely apologize for evoking criticism.

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