CRAVITY Reflects Back On Their Debut Year + Talks About Their New Album And Future Goals

On the release of their third mini album “SEASON 3 HIDEOUT: BE OUR VOICE,” CRAVITY participated in an interview about their latest comeback.

Serim said, “It feels good to kick off 2021 with a title track like ‘My Turn.’ We’re going to keep running hard so that this year will be CRAVITY’s year. I think that we’ll be able to show CRAVITY’s colors more clearly through this album, so I hope people will look forward to it.”

Hyeongjun said, “‘My Turn’ is a song in which all nine members showed off their individual colors. We also worked for each member to get a turn to shine during the performance. There’s also a part in the third verse where we start dancing as if we’ve won.”

Asked about the most memorable moments of their career thus far, Jungmo said, “I was really moved when the members were chosen to debut, and the friends I had trained with would now become members of the same group. As we were preparing for this album, we thought a lot about our past with the members. It felt like we were making memories together and I felt a new sense of gratitude.”

Woobin said, “I think that the moment of our debut and our first No. 1 were most memorable and moving because they represented the results of the members’ hard work.”

Allen said, “I think that the experience we’ve built up over the past nine months has made us more mature and able to relate more to our fans. We’ve gotten to know each other better as a team, and our dreams and wishes have gotten bigger as we combine our different mindsets into the same state of mind.”

Wonjin said, “I think that with each album, we’re finding more and more of our own color. We’re also communicating with our fans and narrowing the distance between us. The bond between the members is also getting stronger, which makes our teamwork stronger as well.”

Minhee said, “I think that I realize the worth of our existence when we’re standing on stage and singing for our fans. CRAVITY’s existence shines more when our fans are sending us their endless love.” Seongmin agreed, “I feel the worth of our existence the most when we’re on stage. I think that our clear task is to show good songs and good performances. That’s why we feel a sense of reward when we work hard to prepare performances. I feel proud to think that I performed well as part of CRAVITY. The stage makes me realize why I’m alive.”

About their future goals, Taeyoung said, “I want us to be called ‘CRAVITY who swept the music industry this year.’ I also would like for this album to get a lot of interest abroad so that we can go abroad.”

Check out CRAVITY’s “My Turn” music video here!

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