MONSTA X Opens Up About Feeling Closer Than Family + Their Goals For 2021 And The Future

In a recent interview and pictorial for Beauty+ magazine, MONSTA X shared their thoughts on their close-knit bond and how they got to where they are today.

When asked about their busy schedules and their fame both within Korea and abroad, the MONSTA X members spoke humbly about building up their popularity over the course of their career. Leader Shownu said, “While gradually gaining recognition bit by bit, I think we’ve been leaving an impression on people.”

Joohoney remarked, “Although it isn’t easy, I think being consistent is the answer. I think you can build your ability to grab an opportunity when one comes your way.” I.M chimed in, “Rather than using innate talent that we had from the start, I think it was more effort, studying, and hard work on our part.”

Describing how what he considered a weakness eventually turned into one of his strengths, Kihyun said, “Honestly, I don’t think of my voice as distinctive or special. But after I debuted, being able to pull off any type of song became a strength.”

As for MONSTA X’s musical identity, Joohoney commented, “Rather than being bound to one concept, I think we need to remain open. Rather than things like a sexy concept or a powerful concept, I think MONSTA X itself needs to become a genre.”

Hyungwon also spoke about the group’s goals for the future, sharing, “Rather than achieve something quickly, I feel more strongly that we need to be consistent for a long time. By consistently working hard and practicing for a long time, we were able to make a song that many people liked.”

Kihyun similarly mentioned that he hoped to be able to do the work he loved for a long time, adding, “Rather than achieve something in 2021, I’d like to do the things that we’ve had to put off since 2020, like our world tour. I’d like to properly showcase the songs from the albums we released in 2020.”

Finally, the MONSTA X members opened up about just how much they mean to one another. “Both on stage and off stage, we’re really close and have a tight-knit bond,” said Hyungwon. “We depend on each other like family—at times, even more than family.”

Minhyuk agreed, “I truly feel the most comfortable when I’m with the other members, more so than anyone else. These days, I feel more comfortable with them than I do with my family.”

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