Watch: Moon Ga Young Chooses Between Her Drama Love Interests, Speaks German, And More

Along with a recent photo shoot with Elle Magazine, Moon Ga Young took time to answer some questions from fans.

On what she enjoys doing at home, Moon Ga Young reveals that she likes reading books and playing games, specifically mentioning Overwatch as a game she plays.

The actress, who was born in Germany, also confirms that her phone language is still set to German. She explains, “It’s comfortable, and I also set it like this in order for me to not forget the language as I keep looking at it.”

When asked to choose between her love interests Jung Hoon (Kim Dong Wook) from “Find Me in Your Memory,” Woo Shik (Kim Seon Ho) from “Welcome to Waikiki 2,” along with Su Ho (Cha Eun Woo) and Seo Jun (Hwang in Yeop) from “True Beauty,” she quietly folds the paper and puts it back into the box. She then decides that it would be easiest to pick the person who would get upset most easily, and says, “Woo Shik, Kim Seon Ho, gets upset most easily, so Woo Shik, I’ll choose you!”

In response to a “Find Me in Your Memory” fan who asked how she thinks her character Ha Jin and Jung Hoon would be living now, she comments, “I think the Jung Hoon and Ha Jin couple will be living with a lot of buzz. There will probably be news reports every day because of Ha Jin’s Instagram.”

Moon Ga Young then shares that she is good friends with all of the “True Beauty” cast, but she has especially become really close with Park Yoo Na and Kang Min Ah, who play Su Jin and Su A, respectively. She adds, “We can’t live without each other now.”

The video ends with Moon Ga Young speaking German for fans.

Check out the full interview with English subtitles:

Watch Mono Ga Young in “True Beauty” below:

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