6 Idols With Hilariously Creative Cheating Skills On Game Shows

Whether it’s out of sheer competitive spirit or just the urge to spice up the game a little, these idols really know how to bend the rules to get what they want. The result? Chaos and hilarity! Without further ado, here are six idols (in no particular order) whose seriously clever and creative game show antics have us cry-laughing every time.

1. SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan

One thing that you can reliably predict in every SEVENTEEN game? Jeonghan will jump in to create chaos! At this point, the other members of the group are so used to his antics that they’ve just learned to laugh along. In one particularly memorable go-kart round, Jeonghan created numerous “shortcuts” of his own to try and win – but even with his rule-breaking, he still lost!

2. NCT’s Haechan

NCT’s Haechan is known for being a “game genius,” and even if the game isn’t going his way, he’ll make sure it does! He’s pretty bold about his cheating schemes, but the other NCT members usually let him get away with it – probably because he’s not the only one with a secret plan. He’s especially good at sneaking glances at the other members’ whiteboard when playing games like this one, or smooth-talking his way into getting points for creative answers.

3. TWICE’s Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon definitely knows how to make the TWICE members laugh! She’s always up to something funny during pretty much every game that TWICE plays, and she’s always making sure that everyone has a good chuckle. Her ability to smack a wayward beanbag or ball into the basket is pretty impressive!

4. TXT’s Huening Kai

Huening Kai is all about the fun and games, even when he’s cheating just to make things more exciting! He may not be the sneakiest of cheaters, but he may just be the funniest. In this particular game, he did a pretty bad job of hiding the fact that he was concealing cards – but at least everyone got a good laugh!

5. Red Velvet’s Irene

What’s a good game without a little cheating? Irene’s competitive spirit has led her to come up with some hilariously creative cheats, so keep an eye out for any sly moves during a game! Even when she admits to cheating, (like asking Seulgi to count gummy bears while she distracts the hosts on “Weekly Idol“!) she’s got an impressive pokerface.

6. BTSSuga

He’s smart, inventive, and BTS’s most creative cheater! Suga’s always got a clever way to talk himself out of any situation, and he definitely puts that to good use when BTS is playing a game – especially in any round of Mafia. His boldfaced cheating is always funny to watch!

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