HyunA Shares Thoughts On Working With PSY And DAWN On Upcoming Album, What Makes Her Happy, And More

HyunA recently participated in a pictorial and interview for the February issue of W Korea!

With her upcoming comeback just a few days away, HyunA expressed her regrets for not being able to drop her pre-release single “GOOD GIRL” in August of last year due to her struggle with vasovagal syncope. “I wanted to stand on stage, but my body wouldn’t let me. I almost went crazy,” she confessed.

HyunA also shared how supportive messages from her fans helped her take the blame off of herself. “Since vasovagal syncope is a condition where you can faint without any warning, it’s impossible to prevent. That’s also why I have a lot of wounds on my shoulders, the back of my head, or my face,” she explained. “While resting, I read the letters one by one. I resolved to show everyone that I could stand back up again even if it took me a while, so I think that’s why I was able to have a comeback right away like this.”

HyunA’s upcoming album features the title track “I’m Not Cool,” which was created with the help of PSY and HyunA’s boyfriend DAWN. On working on a track together with the “HyunA Team,” the singer shared, “It’s my first time composing a song in this way, since I’ve worked alone up until now. Looking back, it was like my homework. The guidelines were set for what had to be done by when so I would methodically work toward those deadlines, but this time we worked as a team in a relaxed and refreshing manner.”

Previously, HyunA released the song “FLOWER SHOWER” which PSY wrote the lyrics for and also co-composed. On working with PSY, HyunA revealed, “We get along really well. We also argue often but we make up really fast. While working on the upcoming album we communicated a lot. Sometimes we send messages like, ‘Alright player, it’s almost time to strike. How are you feeling?'”

HyunA talked about how she came to decide on a viper as the motif of the album. She shared, “The first time I heard the song, I thought that it sounded like a viper song. DAWN was listening to the song next to me, and he suggested the lyrics, ‘There’s no one more poisonous than me, I’m a viper.’ I liked those lyrics so much that I decided to go with the viper.”

Explaining about how the viper is alluring but also poisonous, HyunA said, “I think that kind of duality exists in me as well. Although I want to be nice, I also want to become a rebel on stage, and sometimes I want to act cute or sexy as well.”

HyunA revealed more about her orderly lifestyle as she explained, “I’m the type who can’t just coast through life. My yearly schedule is always filled, whether it be with lessons or other plans. I need to live in a systematic way in order to feel at ease. People always say that DAWN and I are two opposite people—one who is flexible and goes with the flow, and one who is the most methodical.”

Reflecting back on her first mini album “Bubble Pop!”, HyunA described how she felt at the time. “It was probably because of how much I enjoyed myself back then that I’ve kept wanting to stand on stage,” she revealed. “I was too young to even realize I was 20 at the time, and I just worked hard without knowing anything. When I watch those performances now, I look so healthy and full of energy.”

Although she’s known for her bold and daring concepts, HyunA credited it all to the support of the people around her. “When the people around me treat me well, give me choreography, and write songs for me, I work hard to not drop the ball and to live up to their expectations,” she said.

She continued, “There’s something my father often told me as a child. He said that I’m here because of others, and that others are here because of me. When I was little I didn’t understand what those words meant, but as time passed by those words soak into my skin in different ways. Whether it be 10 years ago or now, I think I try to work just a little harder on stage for the people who lift me up. It might be that the people around me are the ones who most want recognition.”

HyunA then opened up about the time when she first felt drawn to performing. “When I was in elementary school I didn’t have any talents and failed all my auditions, so my father suggested that I take up dancing,” she recalled. “While attending a dance academy I got the chance to perform on a small stage by the Dongdaemun Design Plaza. I realized when I stood on stage for the first time that there was a special feeling. The pleasant feeling of performing something I practiced, and the desire to do better the next time.”

When asked if people had any misunderstandings about her, HyunA responded that she takes everything in stride and accepts them naturally, adding that it wasn’t hard to rise above other people’s opinions of her. She reasoned, “I have plenty of good people around me. My fans are the best at this—whatever I do, they stand loyal by my side.”

HyunA also spoke fondly of DAWN as she said, “DAWN is someone who can’t be compared to anything else. He’s the driving force of my life and the one I love the most in this world. He’s also a friend I can hang out with and forget the passage of time because we just get along so well, as well as a rival in music who motivates me to do better.”

Emphasizing DAWN’s impact on her life, she added, “When I’m stuck in sadness he’s the one who pulls me out the fastest, and when I’m tired he doesn’t scold me and silently encourages me from behind. He’s someone I wouldn’t trade for the world, because I can’t even imagine a world without him.”

HyunA brought up the focus she places on her own health, especially while preparing for her comeback. “After dealing with my illness, I’ve started to check on my own health every day,” she said. “In the past I would be indifferent to myself and push through even when I wasn’t feeling well. These days I naturally ask myself how I’m feeling, or if I’m doing okay.”

Another question she asks herself is, “Are you happy?” HyunA said that she keeps asking herself when she feels happy so as to not forget the feeling. Listing the actions that bring her happiness, HyunA shared, “I like holding hands with DAWN and going on a short walk with him at the end of the day, I like spending the day at home with no incidents, and I like standing on stage.”

When asked if she has found happiness, HyunA answered, “I don’t know yet, but I think I know a bit about what makes me happy.”

Check out the teaser images for HyunA’s upcoming album “I’m Not Cool” here!

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