Actor And Former Member Of Famous Boy Group Returns To The Stage In “The King Of Mask Singer”

On the January 24 episode of MBC’s “The King of Mask Singer,” eight new contestants emerged to challenge the new champion for her throne.


The final match-up of Round 1 was between Citron Tea and Kick With Your Feet, who sang a duet of Harim’s “Departure.” The panelists were impressed by the sweet harmonization between Kick With Your Feet’s soft and gentle voice and Citron Tea’s refreshing and clear vocals.

In the end, Citron Tea advanced to the next round and Kick With Your Feet sang Spring Summer Fall Winter’s “Bravo My Life” and took off his mask to reveal himself as the actor and former Super Junior member Kim Ki Bum.

Kim Ki Bum shared that he had been working as an actor in China but had returned to Korea in 2015 when South Korea-China relations had become strained due to the THAAD issue. He said, “It’s been about 14 years since I stood on stage. This was the first time that I’ve sung live in my whole life. I don’t have any confidence in my singing, so I was afraid of how other people would perceive me. But since I was already embarrassed, I decided I’d practice singing to try and lessen that embarrassment.”

Panelist Yoo Young Suk encouraged Kim Ki Bum, saying that he had a good voice and that what he needed was confidence in himself.

Kim Ki Bum also talked about his budding career as a content creator and said, “I’m the breadwinner of my family, so I thought, ‘I can’t live like this, I should at least try other work.’ Last July, Kim Heechul contacted me and said that he had started up his own channel and was making his own [YouTube] videos. I’m making content, but I’m still figuring out what kind of content I should make.”

Kim Heechul and Kim Ki Bum recently sat down for a heart-to-heart talk over drinks about Kim Ki Bum’s past with Super Junior on his YouTube channel.

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