Son Ho Jun Shares Thoughts On His “The Uncanny Counter” Cameo

Son Ho Jun has shared his thoughts on his special appearance in OCN’s “The Uncanny Counter”!

On the January 23 episode of the popular superhero drama, Son Ho Jun made a memorable cameo as Oh Jung Goo, a free-spirited counter with healing abilities who once dreamed of becoming a singer.


Although he only appeared for one episode, Son Ho Jun’s character played an important role, using his powers to help Choo Mae Ok (played by Yeom Hye Ran) heal and providing So Moon (played by Jo Byeong Gyu) with crucial help in a time of need. His bravery and tragic death in the battle against Shin Myung Hwi (played by Choi Kwang Il) also had viewers fighting back tears and praising his performance.

Son Ho Jun, who previously worked with “The Uncanny Counter” director Yoo Sun Dong on the 2010 film “Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp,” is said to have impressed everyone on set with his passionate acting during filming. Even though he was only making a cameo appearance, according to those present, the actor poured his all into the action scenes without holding anything back.

In a statement released through his agency, Son Ho Jun remarked, “It was an honor to be able to work together with director Yoo Sun Dong again. Thank you to the actors who led the filming in a way that made me feel comfortable on set. I was happy to be a part of a drama that is receiving so much love.”

He added, “Please continue to show love for ‘The Uncanny Counter’ up until the end.”

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