18th Korean Music Awards Announces Nominees

The 18th Korean Music Awards has announced their nominees for the year!

The nominees for each category are listed below:

Album of the Year

BTS – “Map of the Soul: 7”
Baek Yerin – “Every letter I sent you.”
Sunwoo JungA – “Serenade”
Jeongmilla – “CheongPa Sonata”
Jo Dongik – “Blue Pillow”

Song of the Year

BTS – “Dynamite”
Baek Yerin – “Square (2017)”
Sunwoo JungA – “Run With Me”
LEENALCHI – “Tiger is Coming”
Zico – “Any Song”

Artist of the Year

Baek Yerin
Sunwoo JungA

Rookie of the Year

Meaningful Stone
Seo Bo-Kyung
Squash Vines

Best Pop Album

The BLANK Shop – “Tailor”
BTS – “Map of the Soul: 7”
Baek Yerin – “Every letter I sent you.”
EXO’s Baekhyun – “Delight”
Yukika – “SOUL LADY”

Best Pop Song

BTS – “Dynamite”
Baek Yerin – “Square (2017)”
IU – “eight”
Oh My Girl – “Dolphin”
Yukika – “SOUL LADY”
Zico – “Any Song”

Best Rock Album

ABTB – “Daydream”
BADLAMB – “Frightful Waves”
Squash Vines – “New World”
Organic Beer – “Trans-Continental Railway”
JuliaDream – “Life and Death”

Best Rock Song

ABTB – “Daydream (feat. YoonChul Shin)”
BADLAMB – “Frightful Waves”
H a lot – “We are”
JuliaDream – “El nuevo mundo”
cotoba – “reyn”

Best Modern Rock Album

Gong Joong Geu Neul – “Love Song”
SE SO NEON – “Nonadaptation”
Shin Hae Gyeong – “In Dreams, In Dreams”
Jo Dongik – “Blue Pillow”
Hyukoh – “through love”

Best Modern Rock Song

Gong Joong Geu Neul – “Season”
Meaningful Stone – “Bweep Bwoop-Bweep Bwoop”
Shin Hae Gyeong – “Colors of You”
LEENALCHI – “Tiger is Coming”
Hyukoh – “New Born”

Best Metal and Hardcore Album

Remnants Of The Fallen – “All The Wounded And Broken”
Loss of infection – “Dark dimension”
Messgram – “Cheers For The Failures”
METHKAMEL – “20th Century”

Best Dance and Electronic Album

Lofibaby – “Art Museum”
Mogwaa – “Open Mind”
swimrabbit – “POND”
UZA & SHANE – “Classy”
Two Tone Shape – “Fantastic Machines”

Best Dance and Electronic Song

Mogwaa – “Reflex”
Aseul – “Bye Bye Summer”
IDIOTAPE – “Too Old to Die Young”
Jang Myung Sun – “Remiel”
Two Tone Shape – “The Prophet”

Best Rap and Hip Hop Album

Nucksal – “1Q87”
Deepflow – “FOUNDER”
Khundi Panda – “GAROSAWK”

Best Rap and Hip Hop Song

Nucksal – “AKIRA”
MUSHVENOM – “Nice Head”
BILL STAX – “Lonely Stoner”
Swervy – “Mama Lisa”
Khundi Panda – “Nevercomanie”

Best R&B and Soul Album

Cadejo – “FREEBODY”
Samuel Seo – “UNITY II”
Sunwoo JungA – “Serenade”
Chudahye Chagis – “Underneath the Dangsan Tree Tonight”

Best R&B and Soul Song

DAMYE – “I’m not your son”
DeVita – “EVITA!”
Sunwoo JungA – “Run With Me”
Chudahye Chagis – “Ritual Dance”

Best Folk Album

Kim Sawol – “Heaven”
Kim Jae Hyung – “Flex”
Bae Young Gyoung – “Travel Record”
Jeongmilla – “CheongPa Sonata”
Jo Donghee – “Sadness is the shadow of beauty”

Best Folk Song

Kim Sawol – “Key”
Kim Jae Hyung – “Failure Story”
Kim Chang Wan – “Old Man’s Bench”
Jeongmilla – “The Square”
Jeongmilla – “Departing from Seoul Station”

Best Jazz Album

Sukyung Kim – “Lilac Hill”
MALO – “Song Changsik Song Book”
Seo Bo-Kyung – “INNER MOVIE”
Soojin Suh – “Colorist”
Jung Sumin – “Sense of Agony”
Cho Yoonseung & Kim Sungwon – “Stellive Vol.5 – Blues in the Night”

Best Crossover Album

Gonia – “A Tension”
Gray By Silver – “Eternal Gray”
GaYoung Bae – “Sepia Painting”
Ji Park – “VRI String Quartet ‘Save The Planet'”

Best Jazz and Crossover Performance

KoHeean Trio – “Live at Jazz First”
Soojin Suh – “Colorist”
Sunjae Lee & Eunyoung Kim & Dayeon Seok – “Pulse Theory”
Jehee – “On The Wind”
Charlie Jung – “Sein’s Blues”

Winner of Special Achievement Award: Deulgukhwa

The Korean Music Awards places greater importance on albums and songs rather than the artists. Instead of sales, musical achievement is the key criteria in their choice of winners. The awards ceremony aims to aid the advancement of Korean music without setting barriers between mainstream and non-mainstream music.

The winners will be announced at the 18th Korean Music Awards on February 28 at 6 p.m. KST at Nodeulseom in Seoul. The announcement will be live streamed online.

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