BTOB’s Eunkwang Posts On Social Media Addressing Recent Events

BTOB’s Eunkwang has posted on social media following events that took place at a recent concert.

During BTOB 4U’s live online concert on January 23, Changsub looked into the camera and held up seven fingers. Changsub and Peniel also held up seven fingers in a photo after the performances. BTOB debuted in 2012 with seven members, and Ilhoon recently departed from the group following the news that he is under investigation for suspicions of marijuana use.

On January 27, Eunkwang shared the following post on Instagram:

Hello! I think we’ve hurt everyone once again not so long after the situation occurred, so I’m writing this as the team leader and as Seo Eunkwang because I want to show how I feel in the inside at least for now.

First, I want to sincerely apologize to those who were hurt by our actions and words at the concert. I’m even more sorry because I understand very well that everyone wanted to try to start anew by watching the concert while carrying a wound that had yet to heal.

Honestly, I thought that if continued to smile and silently work hard at promoting, it would gradually get dulled and it would become okay, but the moment ‘our concert’ appeared, I had a lot of thoughts as many emotions surged up.

I’ll always do my best for the current BTOB and take responsibility for the words, ‘BTOB will be forever,’ which I spoke after firmly resolving my heart and shaking off [those feelings and thoughts] through the tears, so until the day arrives when the six of us make a full group in November and until we can smile while seeing each other, I’ll do my best to sing while hoping we’ll work hard to continue onwards together so that we can be happy by becoming each other’s strength.

As always, Melody! [BTOB’s fan club name] I sincerely thank and love you.

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