Watch: Kim Young Kwang And Lee Sun Bin Combine Cool Stunts With Slapstick Comedy In New Spy Movie

Kim Young Kwang and Lee Sun Bin’s upcoming film “MISSION: POSSIBLE” has revealed a trailer and posters!

“Mission Possible” is a refreshing comic action movie about Woo Soo Han (Kim Young Kwang), a private detective who will do anything as long as he gets paid in advance, and Yoo Da Hee (Lee Sun Bin), a passionate secret agent, who form an unlikely partnership to solve an arms smuggling case.

The posters for the drama show the balance between cool action stunts and comedic effect. Yoo Da Hee is an elite agent who exudes a cool charisma as she hangs effortlessly from wires and wields a weapon with ease. In contrast, Woo Soo Han is clumsy and awkward as he navigates the world of being a secret agent. The captions read, “You’re saying it’s ‘mission: possible?'” and “We refuse the impossible.”

The trailer begins with the characters being told of a dangerous mission with no backup. Although both Kim Young Kwang and Lee Sun Bin appear professional as they track down the criminals they’re seeking, Kim Young Kwang ruins the moment by telling their captive, “You have the right to a prosecutor” and being corrected by the criminal, “You mean lawyer?”

Lee Sun Bin tells Kim Young Kwang about the huge arms smuggling case that she’s tracking and he says in disbelief, “We’re going to solve it together?” As they hide from the criminals in a warehouse, he whispers, “I think they’re looking for something,” and she retorts, “They’re looking for us!” Lee Sun Bin complains that her new partner is nothing like an agent and she’s told, “That’s why he was chosen. No one knew what he was.”

Kim Young Kwang shows a new side of him as the action ramps up, but the trailer ends on a comedic moment, with Lee Sun Bin smacking a criminal in the head with a glass bottle and Kim Young Kwang trying the same trick, except the plastic bottle he chose has no effect.

Check it out below!

“MISSION: POSSIBLE” premieres in February.

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