SEVENTEEN Reflects On Their Popular Web Variety Show “Going SEVENTEEN” And Its Return In 2021

SEVENTEEN took part in an interview to talk about their original web variety show “Going SEVENTEEN”!

“Going SEVENTEEN 2020” released its final episode on January 18, and the show has gathered 100 million views in total with all episodes combined.

The theme of each episode of the show was derived from ideas pitched by the members of SEVENTEEN, and the member who came up with the idea was the host for that particular episode. The members’ humor and fun chemistry with each other attracted both fans (called Carats) and non-fans of the group to watch the show and look forward to each next episode. Even though “Going SEVENTEEN 2020” has come to an end, there is no need to be sad as a new “Going SEVENTEEN” will begin on March 3.

Jeonghan shared, “In ‘Going SEVENTEEN 2020,’ all of the members did a good job of preparing the content they wanted to try and showed it to Carats. In 2021, we will prepare more fun content.” S.Coups added, “We will work harder to film in 2021. Please look forward to it.”

Asked how they felt about participating in a show that reflects their own ideas, Dino said, “The ‘Going SEVENTEEN 2020’ production team has very amazing sense. It was incredible how they gave shape to an idea, and more than anything, it was even more fun because our ideas were reflected. I think that’s why many people related to us and laughed, and it’s become a memory we will not be able to forget.”

Talking about his episode “MYSTERY MYSTERY,” DK commented with laughter, “First, I’m so sorry. If I get the chance to be the host again, I think I could do a better job, but I don’t know if the producer will give me the opportunity. Haha. There was a bit of pressure because ‘MYSTERY MYSTERY’ marked the start of ‘Going SEVENTEEN 2020,’ but it was a very nice memory for me. Next time, I think it would also be fun to have a bigger-scale ‘MYSTERY MYSTERY,’ although I don’t know if I’ll be given the chance. ‘MYSTERY MYSTERY’ was very fun.”

Hoshi picked DK as the member whose skills surprised him as they were filming the show. He explained, “I’m envious of and amazed by his instinctive variety skills and bright energy. I want to be funny too.” Joshua chose Jun, sharing, “In ‘MOUSEBUSTERS,’ I think it was amazing how he lied about his ability. I didn’t expect it, and I’m surprised that I believed it.”

Regarding what they learned about themselves through “Going SEVENTEEN 2020,” Woozi commented, “I learned that I can laugh this much while filming.” Mingyu shared, “I found out that I really enjoy challenging myself to something. But I really can’t do the bungee jump.”

As for the moment they laughed the most, The8 chose their “TTT” episode, and Wonwoo picked the part in “The Tag” where Mingyu and Seungkwan used each other as bait and ran away.

Lastly, the members shared a word for global viewers of the show. “I was very happy to have been able to give laughter to Carats all over the world through our ‘Going SEVENTEEN 2020’ content. We SEVENTEEN are preparing not only music and performances, but also filming various content. Please show lots of anticipation and love for the new ‘Going SEVENTEEN’ that will newly return on March 3,” Seungkwan expressed.

Vernon said in English, “Thank you for your love,” and Jun shared, “Thank you so much for enjoying our content, and we will work harder in the future.”

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