HyunA Talks About Her Health, Collaborating With DAWN And PSY For Comeback, Choosing Her Title Track, And More

On January 28, HyunA spoke about making a comeback with her new mini album “I’m Not Cool” during an online press conference!

HyunA was planning to make a comeback with her pre-release single “Good Girl” in August 2020 but had to halt her activities for health reasons.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been on stage,” said HyunA during her press conference. “I think I felt it physically. During the past year and two months, every day felt like a year, so I thought that I needed to quickly get back on stage. When I was working on the album, I also thought every day that I wanted to be up on stage.”

She shared, “I’m also continuing to prepare a full album, but I felt like I’d go crazy if I didn’t get back on stage right away.” On her music, she said, “I included a lot of the stories and things that I’ve written about as notes on my phone. There are even things from two to three years ago.” She explained, “I tried to include a lot of different topics because I wanted fans to feel like they’d come across HyunA’s secret diary.”

About her title track, HyunA said, “It’s a song with a charming dance performance too, but I receive a lot of support from many people before I get on stage, so I have to be perfect when I’m on stage. But the actions of maintaining that perfect and cool image and everything aren’t ‘cool.’ I included that in the lyrics.”

“Although I’m not sure why, when I listened to it, I thought of a snake,” she said. “So I tried to portray a snake through my performance. I was taking on a challenge too. I wondered if I could keep it up at that level for three minutes.”

The lyrics to “I’m Not Cool” were written by HyunA, PSY, and DAWN, and HyunA said, “It was fun working on it because we included the charming points of the three of us.”

HyunA also talked about deciding to make a comeback with “I’m Not Cool” instead of “Good Girl.” She explained, “I could have come back faster if I’d done ‘Good Girl,’ but PSY played me this song. It was just the track on its own, but when I heard it, I couldn’t pass up on it. I right away started working on it with DAWN and PSY while we chatted, and my title track naturally changed.”

HyunA spoke about working with PSY, saying that their tendencies are similar but they’re both strong in personality, and she commented that it was fun to argue. “Surprisingly, we argued less over this one,” she said. “I am so grateful that he just trusts in me and says ‘HyunA will do a good job, she won’t disappoint people.'”

“DAWN’s existence gives me strength,” said HyunA. “This time, we worked together starting from the beginning, so it felt different. He helped me a lot.”

“Since we both have the same job, I can’t even express in words how happy I feel when we’re totally in sync,” she said. “I felt that happiness a lot this time. Our music styles are very different so we talk a lot about music. It’s great because I can learn about things I don’t know. When we have a difference in opinion, we’re both tenacious so we talk about it and find a middle ground.”

About her health, HyunA said, “I want to say with confidence that I’m perfectly all better, but that would be difficult, because I shouldn’t overdo it. However, I want to be on stage, so what else can I do. I’m learning ways to deal with each situation as best as possible. There are definitely some parts that are better than they were in the past. I’m enduring it well because the people around me take good care of me.”

“When I couldn’t make a comeback with ‘Good Girl,’ I was angry with myself,” she continued. “I wasn’t able to keep my promise with my fans because I didn’t take good care of myself. That made me angry. While I was angry, I also thought that I needed to do things like eat well and exercise, and I recovered. I’m taking nutritional supplements.”

On trying new genres through this album, HyunA said, “I feel absolutely no hesitation when it comes to trying new things musically. I want to keep trying various things in the future.” She added, “I don’t do something again if I’ve already done it before. I want to be new each time and keep trying to challenge my limits.”

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