8 Emotional K-Pop MVs That Tackle Time Travel

Time travel is one of the coolest sci-fi concepts out there. Include it in a K-pop music video and you’ve got yourself a short film with feelings in abundance. Love, friendship, sacrifice, self-love… The reasons for time travel are many and the outcome can only be one: restoring balance, even if it paradoxically means tweaking the timeline.

Here are eight emotional K-pop music videos that tackle time travel. Buckle up for the heartfelt ride of a lifetime!

1. FTISLAND – “Severely”

Unable to come to terms with his girlfriend’s loss, Lee Hong Ki storms out of her funeral only to find himself standing before his girlfriend… alive. Confused at first, he later understands that he went back in time after seeing the date in a newspaper. He decides to make use of this new chance at saving his girlfriend. Lee Hong Ki takes us on quite an emotional journey as he spends the next days trying everything in his power to prevent her from dying.

2. 2AM – “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls”

Im Seulong receives an unexpected phone call that leaves him perplexed: his girlfriend is calling to remind him of their date at the hotel, to which he reacts mysteriously. The call prompts him to storm to the hotel, but he is welcomed by a crime scene instead. Shattered and helpless, he makes another phone call hopelessly trying to warn her, but in vain. Im Seulong appears to be stuck in a time loop between the present and the past, and watching him relive the events of his partner’s death every single time is heart-wrenching.

3. BTS – “Epiphany”

BTS’s storyline has hinted at time travel many times throughout their videography, but this is the first music video where we glimpse tangible proof. The heartwarming lyrics address how the idol’s perception changed about himself and how he advocates self-love in comparison to the past. As for visuals, the scenes where rain is pouring upside down and where two Jins are in the same room makes me think that Jin is spiritually – if not literally – traveling in time to reconcile with himself. Talk about an emotional trip throughout time!

4-5. MONSTA X – “Dramarama” + “Find You”

MONSTA X is undoubtedly the master of action music videos, and this time they bring sci-fi into the mix. In these thrilling short films, time travel is represented by a watch that holds a personal – and very painful memory – for Hyungwon after losing a dear family member. He makes use of his inherited accessory to help his fellow members. The poignant part about these music videos is that although MONSTA X has the power to turn back time, there is nothing they can do to flee the “save or be saved” ultimatum… Or is there?

6-7. IU – “You & I” + “Above The Time”

As an artist who’s been around for over a decade, IU has also contributed to the time travel trope. How, you ask? She kicks it up a notch in “You & I” and builds her own time machine in the hope of reuniting with her love interest who seems to be cursed by a sleeping spell. Years later, she lets us know through “Above The Time” that she has been lovingly keeping an eye on her partner all this time up until the moment where they finally get together. It’s emotional just seeing IU and Lee Hyun Woo reunite after time has passed in the latter music video!

8. INFINITE’s Sunggyu – “60 Seconds”

We often use the expression “rollercoaster of emotions,” but Sunggyu has fully lived it to the letter. Moments after laying eyes on his crush, he instantly takes a trip into the future that lasts exactly 60 seconds. During this short amount of time, he learns about his potential relationship with his crush – in detail. Upon his return, it is up to him to decide whether he wants to go through with it or not.

Which time travel music video is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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