12 K-Pop Idols Whose Bright Personalities Earned Them The Nickname

2020 was definitely a tough year, but these 12 idols got us through it all with their sweet, sunshine personalities! Even just their smiles provide a burst of serotonin, so if you’ve had a tough day (or a tough week, or a tough month…), then this is for you. In no particular order, here are idols who are basically sunshine in human form.

1. Stray Kids’ Felix


Stray Kids fans know that Felix’s voice may be deep and intense, but his personality couldn’t be more opposite! His sweet interactions with fans, friends, and other Stray Kids members are totally endearing (he even brings homemade brownies to stages for staff and performers to enjoy). He also has an amazingly bright, sunny smile, and his adorable freckles only add to his cuteness.


2. Red Velvet’s Joy


Her stage name is Joy for a reason – she’s basically Red Velvet’s happy virus! She has quite an energetic personality, and a great sense of humor. She’s usually the group’s mood maker, and is always the life of the party on variety shows and on stage. She’s everything happy, all in one person!

3. NCT’s Haechan


Haechan’s stage name means “full sun” in Korean, and he definitely lives up to that title! His heart-shaped smile and sun-kissed complexion look like sunshine in human form, and his vibrant humor adds to that persona. He may pull a lot of pranks, but at the end of the day he’s very affectionate with the other members of NCT and with the group’s fans.

4. LOONA’s Chuu


She’s charmed the entire K-pop world with her adorable personality and incredible vocals – it’s LOONA’s Chuu! The inventor of the “Chuu Heart” is well-known for her sunny aura and irresistible cuteness. She can capture the hearts of even the most stern and serious people, and her ability to make friends with just about anyone is the stuff of real sunshine. Just check out this clip of Chuu meeting the “Running Girls” cast – they’re smitten right away!



DK just seems to radiate good vibes with his beautiful eye smile and amazing sense of humor. He’s 1/3 of SEVENTEEN’s gag trio BooSeokSoon, and he’s always a part of some hilarious shenanigans. DK definitely brings the laughs, even when he doesn’t mean to! His natural comedic ability and caring personality is like sunshine in a bottle for any fans that need it.

7. Oh My Girl’s Hyojung


Oh My Girl’s leader Hyojung may be tiny, but her personality is huge! She’s always bursting with happy energy, and her sweet eye smile is stunning. She manages to balance all of the responsibilities of a group leader while being totally carefree and bright, and she’s always looking out for the other Oh My Girl members. Human sunshine, indeed!

8. GOT7’s Youngjae


Youngjae’s got amazing vocals and a sunshine personality – what’s not to love!? You can always catch him making some sort of funny expression in interviews or conversations because he just can’t hold a pokerface, and he’s not shy about sharing his happiness with fans. His expressive face and contagious laugh is totally hilarious, and he can make any GOT7 fan happy instantly.

9. TWICE’s Nayeon


TWICE’s Nayeon is well-known for her big, bright smile and heart of gold. She’s got a sweet, warm personality and playful sense of humor that never fails to endear her to others. She’s actually the oldest member of the group, but she’s almost always playing around with the younger members or pulling funny pranks. Even her stage presence seems to radiate sunshine!

10. MONSTA X’s Minhyuk


The happy pill of MONSTA X, Minhyuk definitely deserves his title! He never seems to run out of energy and is always up to something hilarious. He’s always keeping up the group’s morale, and he’s just as much of a mood maker for the fans as well – he can brighten up anyone’s day without even trying! Minhyuk’s presence is definitely an instant dose of sunshine.

11. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo


BLACKPINK’s Jisoo may be the group’s oldest member, but she still acts like a maknae! Her personality is super cute and bright, and she can always make fans smile. She never takes things too seriously, which is a funny contrast to the strong, glamorous image she has onstage or in photo shoots. Jisoo is also a total natural on variety shows with her sense of humor and sunny vibe.

12. BTS’s J-Hope


Last but not least, BTS’s J-Hope is the definition of human sunshine! His adorable heart smile is absolutely contagious, and he’s always keeping the other members of BTS as well as ARMYs grinning with his hilarious antics. His naturally outgoing personality endears him to just about everyone, and he’s always the first to laugh when something funny happens – which makes everyone else laugh too!

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