Kim Woojin's Agency Taking Legal Action Against Rumors

Kim Woojin’s agency 10x Entertainment has spoken up about rumors surrounding the artist.

In September 2020, an anonymous international user on Twitter accused Kim Woojin of sexually harassing her. The user stated that she visited Korea and went to a bar on April 29, 2020, where Kim Woojin allegedly approached her and her friend while introducing himself as a K-pop star and eventually touched their bodies without permission.

That same month, Kim Woojin and his agency filed a complaint with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency against the initial accuser and the netizens who spread the rumor for defamation and insult. The investigation is currently ongoing.

10x Entertainment’s director Yoon Yi Sak stated, “In addition to the sexual harassment case, Kim Woojin is being attacked with ridiculous claims and even fake, edited photos of him unclothed.”

The agency went on to explain their efforts to prove his innocence. The initial accuser had posted a photo taken at a table in a bar as evidence. The torso of a man wearing a grey t-shirt and sitting on the opposite side of the person taking the photo was visible in the image. The accuser explained that the grey shirt was the same shirt Kim Woojin was wearing in a photo he uploaded on April 29, 2020, the same day the accuser claimed he had harassed her.

A source from 10x Entertainment explained, “Unlike what is suggested in the photo that was posted as evidence of Kim Woojin’s sexual harassment, he has never been to the place [in the photo]. The photo in question had been publicly posted by a completely unrelated man to his own social media account after he took the photo at a bar in the neighborhood of Itaewon in Seoul. It appears that the photo was stolen without permission by someone who found it by searching online and used it to create rumors.”

The agency further shared, “Kim Woojin had a very hard time because of the rumors created by certain malicious international K-pop fans. We have officially appointed a lawyer and submitted a complaint. We cannot clarify everything, but the police have identified certain netizens and are investigating them. Kim Woojin is innocent, so we will take strict measures without any form of negotiation or leniency.”

Kim Woojin debuted in 2018 as a member of Stray Kids and left the group in October 2019.

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