Stray Kids’ Han Apologizes After Controversy Over Past Lyrics

Stray Kids’ Han has written an apology following a controversy over his past lyrics.

On February 2, a post titled “Idol Group Member Past Racism Controversy” was uploaded on an online community. The post stated that there was a controversy over racist lyrics in a rap video uploaded by an idol when they were in middle school. The controversy grew, and Han was identified as the idol who had written the lyrics. Among the allegations, the idol was accused of using what have been described as racial slurs and other derogatory comments. Many people called for him to make an apology over the lyrics.

Later that day, Han posted a letter of apology, with the following English version included:

Hello, this is Stray Kids HAN.

First, the lyrics I wrote around 2013 when I was 13 years old have caused great concern to fans and many others. Without any excuse, this is completely my fault. I sincerely apologize.

I wrote the inappropriate lyrics with only the single thought of wanting to rap during my irresponsible, younger days. I apologize for hurting so many people with the lyrics written without thinking enough.

Due to this incident, I was able to think deeply while reading comments that many had left, as well as the lyrics I wrote in the past.
The reason why I chose to become a singer was so I could express myself through music and connect with many people. Because of this, I feel greatly ashamed of myself for writing such lyrics in the past.
As I fully understand that such behavior cannot be excused simply because of young age, I will reflect upon my actions deeply.

I will always cherish the love and support sent by fans globally and will become someone who stands on stage with a righteous heart.

Once again, I sincerely apologize to all of those who I have scarred due to my past behavior.

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